Royal Navy show baffles fans after seeing pics of Queen crossed out in submarine

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A documentary lifting the lid on submariners' life under the waves has left viewers baffled as Royal Navy fans spotted an interesting setup inside the nuclear-powered sea boat.

In the first episode of Submarine: Life Under the Waves, which aired on Channel 5, senior officers on board the Trafalgar-classed HMS Trenchant were called to the wardroom for a briefing ahead of the departure.

Inside the meeting room, commander David Burrell explained the missions including some high-intensity operations to defend Britain's Trident nuclear missiles.

Cameras caught in the background phones, important notices, as well as portraits of two important Royal Family members – the Queen and the late Prince Philip.

Throughout the first of the two-part series, the camera showed how the crew co-habited in an extremely limited space for four months.

In a series of drills, filmed over a three-year period, the team tackled a casualty near the nuclear reactor and a fire in the engine room that forced the submarine to return to port for repairs during an urgent mission to find a Russian submarine.

When the senior officers returned to the wardroom to discuss their strategy, eagled-eyed viewers were baffled to spot two strips of red sellotape marked on the Royal portraits in a cross shape.

Taking to Twitter, one viewer commented: "Did I really just see the head of states photo on HMS Trenchant along with the Dukes crossed out with red Sellotape on her submarine? What the hell is that about?"

Another asked: "In the ward room there is at least one picture with a black stripe across it. Looks like it's of a royal. Why is that then?

"I thought it might be the Duke of Edinburgh but he’s alongside Her Majesty in two different pictures on a different wall."

To demystify the confusion, Royal Navy spokesperson Commander Darren Mason OBE told Daily Star that it was part of the safety measures.

He said: "During certain scenarios, risks are simulated where the submarine would be prepared for a heightened state of conflict – and as association, an increased risk of being attacked and damaged.

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"During this process, items which can be locked away are locked away, damage control equipment is prepared for use, increased rounds take place of the submarine.

"And those items which could cause damage if shock was experienced (i.e depth charges/torpedo attack etc.) are taped over in a cross – ultimately stopping shards of glass flying across the compartment and causing damage."

He also said it would be "disrespectful" to put away pictures of Her Majesty and Prince Philip, therefore it's best to secure it with tapes.

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