Sarah Ferguson In Talks to Get Her New Novel a Bridgerton-Styled TV Treatment

‘Her Heart for A Compass’ won’t hit the shelves until August 3, bt the Duchess of York is already working on a television pitch for the Victorian era novel based on the life of her great-great-aunt.

AceShowbiz -Sarah Ferguson hopes her debut novel, “Her Heart for A Compass”, will make it to the small screen as a period drama like “Bridgerton“.

And the Duchess of York is already working on a television pitch for her historical novel, which will be published on August 3.

“I’m really hopeful that ‘Her Heart for a Compass’ will come to life on screen: I see it as a TV series rather than a film,” Ferguson told Variety. “Things are at a very early stage but we’re already in talks with some program makers about the potential to make it into a historical drama.”

“Everyone involved is looking at the success of [Netflix series] ‘Bridgerton’ as a demonstration of the immense appeal of period drama on streaming services,” a source told Variety. According to the insider, Fergie’s representatives are already talking to Amazon and Netflix bosses.

The Victorian era novel is based on the life of Fergie’s great-great-aunt, Lady Margaret Montagu Douglas Scott, with action taking place in England, Scotland, Ireland, and New York City in the 1870s.

Sarah’s previous showbusiness credentials include producing the 2009 film “Young Victoria“, which starred Emily Blunt as Queen Victoria, and “Budgie the Little Helicopter”, the British animated show based on her popular children’s book series.

The Duchess herself is a big fan of “Bridgerton”. In an interview with Us Weekly, she admitted, “I adored ‘Bridgerton’ so much that I watched it twice, deliberately. I’m obsessed with it. I think Daphne is a terrific character, as we see her learning about life. I love the way she learns to use her strong voice. It chimed with me because now is the time for women to speak up.”

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