'Sister Wives' Star, Christine Brown, Appeared in HBO Documentary, '48 Hours' Before the Family's Famed TLC Show

Christine Brown might have been the first of Kody Brown’s four wives to pull the plug on her marriage, but did you know she was the family member who pushed the hardest for media attention? Before Sister Wives premiered, Christine appeared on TV and lectured at a Utah college about her family’s lifestyle. Christine, in many ways, was the biggest supporter of polygamy in the Brown family. So, what exactly happened? 

Christine Brown sat down for multiple interviews before ‘Sister Wives’ 

When Sister Wives began in 2010, the Brown family insisted that discretion was key in their marriage. In the family’s memoir, Becoming Sister Wivesthey revealed that they often introduced Janelle Brown, Kody’s second wife, as his sister. While the family insisted on discretion, they weren’t always discreet. 

Before Sister Wives, Christine appeared in an HBO documentary and on 48 Hours to discuss her life in polygamy. She also lectured at the University of Utah about her family. According to a lawsuit filed by the Brown family in 2012, Christine’s television appearances and lectures were intended to educate the public about polygamy. 

Kody Brown has long insisted that the series was intended for educational purposes, too. Christine was the only member of the family who appeared to discuss her polygamist background openly before Sister Wives, though. It is unclear which family member pitched the idea of the reality TV series to TLC. Reddit fans suggest the family had spent years trying to land on reality TV.

Christine Brown didn’t want a marriage like Meri Brown 

Christine may have been a big supporter of polygamy during the early days of her marriage, but as time progressed, her interest in the practice waned. That wasn’t the final straw for her spiritual union, though. Instead, seeing Meri Brown’s troubled marriage to Kody Brown was the last straw. 

In recent weeks, Christine Brown’s son, Paedon Brown, has been speaking openly and honestly about his family. He seems pretty confident that another season is on the way. Fans hope the series will focus more on Christine and Kody’s separation. Season 16 of the series, which wrapped in February 2022, laid the groundwork for the split. The season did not show the logistics of the separation or the aftermath of the divorce, though.  

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