Six huge Emmerdale spoilers for next week – Belle hears the voice of dead mum Lisa and Vanessa makes an appearance

BELLE Dingle is torn by the voices in her head next week which try to blame Andrea for everything she's going through.

Here's the lowdown on the return of Belle's psychosis and everything else that's happening next week in the Dales…

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1. Belle’s psychosis returns

When Paddy encourages Belle to do one last shift at the vets she agrees, but things soon turn sour between her and Jamie and she sneakily switches the contents of two vials of veterinary drugs that Jamie keeps in his car. 

When Jamie tells Paddy what she’s done, Belle admits what she’s done and quits the job before Paddy has the opportunity to fire her. 

Later, it’s revealed that Belle has started hearing her dead mum Lisa’s voice in her head. 

Later, Nate encourages Belle to stay positive after a meeting with her solicitor. 

But Belle is torn by the voices which try to convince her that Andrea is to blame for everything she’s going through. 

Could Andrea be in trouble?

2. Dawn sleeps with Ellis

Dawn sleeps with her ex Ellis as part of her plan to keep her killer secret.

When her dad Will challenges her, he’s disgusted when she admits she did it on purpose to put Billy off. 

Dawn insists it was the right thing to do and that she had to stop Billy finding out that she murdered Malone. 

Meanwhile, Marlon and Billy tease Ellis about where he vanished to the other night. 

But they're embarassed when Dawn arrives and reveals she and Ellis spent the night together. 

3. Dawn takes it a step further 

Later in the week, Billy refuses to accept Ellis’ apology, but their conversation is interrupted when Dawn appears and lies that she and Ellis have been having an affair for ages. 

Later, after quitting her job, viewers will see Dawn leaving Woodbine Cottage with a rucksack on. 

Will Billy get to the bottom of what’s happening before he loses Dawn forever?

4. Vanessa returns

Vanessa makes a virtual appearance as Tracy organises a romantic anniversary via Zoom with Charity.

Charity has a hoot as she enjoys dinner with a mannequin with a tablet stuck to its head and Vanessa’s face on the screen.

Judging by the spoiler pics, Vanessa will be wearing the same eye mask she wore back in 2017 when the pair shared their first kiss in the pub cellar.

5. Bernice sells the salon

Leyla is shocked when Mandy tells her Bernice has given them both until tomorrow to get the salon money together and that whoever gets it first will get the lease.

Mandy frantically scrabbles around, trying to think of ways to quickly scrape together the money. 

Paul sees Mandy fretting and wonders how he can help but, knowing his track record, might he come up with something dodgy?

Meanwhile, Leyla also racks her brains for a way to come up with some cash and makes a plan with Gabby.

Who'll take things the furthest?

6. Aaron and Ben hit rock bottom

Aaron has an altercation with Ben’s friend and leaves, leaving Ben confused. 

Later, Liv tries to convince her brother that Ben seems like a good guy.

But could it be over for Ben and Aaron before it’s really begun?

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