'SNL': Is There a New Episode Airing This Week on March 13?

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening this week with “Saturday Night Live”


“SNL” is back, now deep into its 46th season. The most recent new episode, which aired on March 27, was hosted by former “Saturday Night Live” cast member Maya Rudolph. While Rudolph did bring her Kamala Harris impression later in the episode, the cold open was another COVID game show sketch.

It looks like, for now, cast member Alex Moffat will continue to play Joe Biden, as he played the role for a second time this past week in a sketch that also saw Martin Short make a surprise appearance as Kamala Harris’ husband, Doug Emhoff.

Though Moffat’s reception has not been enthusiastic thus far, it’s likely that “SNL” will stick with him in the role for the rest of the season.

This week, on Saturday, April 3, there WILL be a new episode of “SNL.” This week’s episode will be hosted by Daniel Kaluuya, with St. Vincent as the musical guest. For Kaluuya, it’ll be his first time hosting “SNL,” though he did make an uncredited appearance in an episode back in 2018.

This will be St. Vincent’s second time as the musical guest — her last “SNL” gig came back in 2014, during season 39.

You can be pretty sure this season of “SNL” be very political for the full stretch. While it’s not an election year anymore, somehow the tense political situation in the U.S. managed to ramp up from the fever pitch early in 2021, thanks to the mob of terrorists who invaded the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. “SNL” will, as it always does, follow the discourse.

And, well, it’s tough to pass up having Aidy Bryant play Ted Cruz as often as possible, which the show keeps doing.

Perhaps the biggest splash of season 46 was the addition of Jim Carrey as the show’s resident celebrity Joe Biden during the election cycle. But Carrey dropped out of the role after Trump lost, and “SNL” has now twice has Moffat

The premiere episode came out hard with political commentary, with the debate cold open, a very political monologue from Chris Rock, and a stunned discussion of Trump’s COVID-19 infection from Michael Che on Weekend Update.

And “SNL” hasn’t slowed down with its political content, with each cold open in season 46 being about the election, its aftermath or, as we saw in the last episode, the COVID-19 vaccine. After that debate sketch in the premiere, we got two other debate sketches, one for the VP candidates and one other for the presidential candidates, as well as one about the dueling town halls from when Trump was infected with COVID-19 and refused to submit to safety measures.

The show’s writers were obviously pleased with the election results as well — the cold open sketch in the episode after Election Day was certainly celebratory. That sketch also parodied the episode after the 2016 election in which Kate McKinnon took the stage as Hillary Clinton and played piano while singing “Hallelujah” — this time, Baldwin, as Trump, performed a mournful version of “Macho Man.”

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