'Southern Charm': Craig Conover Seems A Bit Delusional About His Relationship With Naomie Olindo

Craig Conover still hasn’t gotten over his feelings for Naomie Olindo. In a recent episode of Southern Charm, Conover finally admitted that he still loves Olindo and does not understand why their relationship ended after three years. With Olindo in a happy relationship with her new boyfriend, is Conover delusional about where things stand?

Olindo refuses to go on the cast trip

The drama heated up on a recent episode of Southern Charm when Olindo refused to go on a cast getaway to Colorado because Conover was planning on going as well. Talking to Cameran Eubanks, Olindo revealed that she has zero interest in spending time with Conover and does not want to tell her boyfriend about it. Olindo and Conover were together for three years before parting ways.

While Conover is clearly having trouble moving on, Peoplereports that Olindo is dating an anesthesiologist named Metul Shah.

“I don’t want to go,” Olindo shared. “Why would Igo on a trip with my ex-boyfriend? I don’t want to go because I don’t even wantto have to tell [my current boyfriend].”

Olindo confessed that she knows Conover has not gotten over theirbreakup. At the end of the day, Olindo knows that she is in a good place anddoes not want to be dragged into the past by talking to Conover. For his part,Conover definitely has some unresolved feelings towards his Southern Charmco-star and is having trouble getting over her.

Conover admits he needs closure

Later in the episode, several cast members told Conover aboutOlindo’s decision to skip the Colorado trip. In response, an emotional Conoveradmitted that the reason they cannot be in the same room together is becausethey never got any closure following the split. He also believes that Olindo isin denial about what happened and is completely ignoring him so that shedoesn’t have to face the truth.


After Conover’s confession, Eubanks asked him if he still lovesOlindo. Conover admitted that he loves and hates her. He then said in aconfessional that she made a mistake dumping him. Conover added that Olindogave up on something really great when she ended their relationship. As far asConover is concerned, he is still searching for a reason why they could notmake things work out.

Conover opens up about his mental state

Based on what happened on Southern Charm, it is clear that Conover is going through a difficult time in his life. Fortunately, Conover is not afraid to open up about his mental health, which is a good sign.

In a recent interview, the Southern Charm star talkedabout his struggles following the end of his romance with Olindo and admittedthat he has been fighting depression. Conover, who has never experienceddepression in his life, said that he never knew how bad it could be until hefaced it for himself.

Conover also pointed out that his messy home was a reflection of his mental state. Watching this season of Southern Charm unfold, Conover could not believe how chaotic his house looked and believes it shows just how much his life was in shambles at the time.

To get over his depression, Conover jetted off to the Bahamas and spent months in the tropical destination. Luckily, the trip worked out and Conover is in a much better state now.

What does Olindo have to say about Conover?

Despite his improvements, Conover still has doubts about Olindo’scurrent boyfriend. For the most part, Conover does not believe the two are agood match and suspects that Olindo is in the relationship for all the wrongreasons. It should be noted that Conover has nothing against her boyfriend, hejust has a lot of unresolved issues with Olindo.

In response to Conover’s feelings, Olindo recently shared herthoughts on where things stand with her ex-boyfriend.


Olindo admitted that she has stopped trying to convince Conover that her new romance is the real deal. At the end of the day, Olindo has realized that it does not matter what Conover thinks about her relationship as long as she is happy. So instead of trying to convince him that she is happy, she is content with just living her life to the fullest.

Olindo and Conover both agreed to finally go on the cast trip, how Conover handles it is yet to be seen.

New episodes of Southern Charm air Wednesday nights onBravo.

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