Spoilers: Noah takes stalking of Chloe to terrifying new level in Emmerdale

Tonight’s Emmerdale saw creepy, obsessed Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) take his stalking of Chloe (Jessie Elland) to the next level, by using a drone to watch her in her bedroom.

When Chloe saw Noah with a package early on in the episode she asked him what it was. ‘It’s a present to me, from me,’ he told her.

After this, Sarah (Katie Hill) told Noah that Chloe’s new boyfriend was messing her about. She said that Chloe needed a friend, not a new man. When Chloe and Noah had a coffee together later, he was able to use the information from Sarah to come across to Chloe as being kind and supportive and she told him he was a good listener.

What she doesn’t realise is that when Noah appears to be nice, he’s putting on an act. When she isn’t looking the expression on his face changes, like being nice is all part of a plan.

Later on, he gave the drone a practice run. He was watched by an admiring Bob (Tony Audenshaw), who had an idea for the machine – set up a drone-based sandwich delivery service.

‘I didn’t buy it to start a new career,’ Noah replied. ‘I bought it to have fun with.’

These words came to sound very sinister later, as we saw Noah following an oblivious Chloe home, with the drone hovering overhead. She was wearing headphones so she couldn’t hear it. Once she was inside the house and had gone upstairs to her bedroom, Noah was able to watch her through the window via the drone’s camera.

Now, as well as tracking her movements on her phone, Noah has access to watching Chloe even in her most private moments.

This is getting very disturbing indeed. How far is Noah willing to go?

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