Spoilers: The Bishop gets stoned in Coronation Street when he visits Billy

We’ve learnt a lot about working as a vicar following Billy Mayhew’s (Daniel Brocklebank) arrival to Coronation Street and honestly, we’d sum everything up in three simple statements: God can’t tell you whether to have the cheese sandwich or the ham one, he might help you with a life-changing dilemma (not the sarnies) and you should definitely not serve dodgy brownies to the bishop.

*waves to Billy*

Drugs is the focus of Billy’s next storyline in Corrie, as the Bishop comes very close to being very high on weed.

A tiny bit of background before your minds wander…the drugs are in connection with Aaron (James Craven) and Summer’s (Harriet Bibby) plot.

Aaron pays a visit to Weatherfield and tells Summer that he’s confiscated his dad’s wallet to stop him buying booze, but has also found a bag of cannabis.

In the flat, Billy and Todd (Gareth Pierce) return to find a giggly Aaron and Summer off their faces on freshly baked weed brownies.

With the Bishop due any minute, Billy’s appalled and sends them off to hide in the bedroom.

Just as the Bishop gets settled in for the meeting, Todd catches him very close to trying the brownies.

But is it too late?

A stoned Bishop?

Just another day in Weatherfield.

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