Station 19 Tees Up the Mother of All Reunions as Andy Fights for Her Life

Station 19’s Andy won’t only have her firehouse family in her corner as she enters a plea in the manslaughter case against her in Thursday’s episode (8/7c on ABC). As you’ll see in the exclusive sneak-peek video above, a certain someone else is eager to stand by her, too, in her hour of need.

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As the clip begins, Herrera’s ex-husband Sullivan and their co-worker Vic try to give the bum’s rush to the reporter who’s shown up at the station. Only, as the stranger — to them, anyway — is quick to reveal, she’s not a reporter at all, she’s Andy’s long-lost mother, Elena, who she had thought was dead until the big reveal in Season 3’s jaw-dropping finale.

Regular viewers will recall that before Station 19 went on its spring break, Jaina Lee Ortiz’s Andy was assaulted and nearly raped by a friend of her obnoxious Station 23 colleague Maddox. But since Elena had had Andy’s Uncle Snuffy teach her self-defense when she was a little girl, she’d known how to fight back and get away. She’d only been protecting herself, yet she was still facing manslaughter charges because her attacker had died as a result of the blow that she dealt him.

Also in Thursday’s “Death and the Maiden,” directed by series regular Jason George (Ben), Carina, Maya and Jack grow closer as a family, and Travis takes a stand for some victims seeking solace. To check out the sneak peek, press PLAY on the video at the top of this post.

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