Stephanie Davis got Corrie writers to include name for co-star which he hates

Coronation Street star Stephanie Davis has revealed her secret pet name for her co-stars that she forced writers to include in the script.

Over the past few weeks, ITV fans have been gripped to the entrepreneur’s whirlwind affair with Aadi Alahan after she joined the cobbles last month.

Despite being married to powerful businessman Darren Vance, the blonde bombshell has dug her claws into the young businessman who is training up to one day take over and expand his father’s corner shop.

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But their spicy romance is set to be uncovered in upcoming scenes after Dev discovers their romance after an important business meeting.

As viewers watch Courtney take their messy affair to the next level, the Liverpudlian actress has exclusively opened up to Daily Star and other press about her pet name for the shopkeeper as they lock horns in a fierce feud.

She explained: “I’ve started calling him Devvy all the time, I put it in myself in the scripts – I just did it on one of the takes and I was like, ‘I’m keeping this in now’.

“So every time we’ve scenes together, I'm like, ‘You alright Devvy?’ and it’s winding him up, do you know what I mean?

“He’s like ‘Ughh’ but he can’t say anything, so I put that in myself and it’s kind of stuck now and that’s his new name to me, Devvy.”

Things quickly go from bad to worse in Weatherfield when Dev decides to offer Courtney £5,000 to call off her relationship with Aadi.

But suspicions are soon raised as to how the humble shop keeper could have come up with the money so quickly.

When asked what it was like to film the upcoming drama, the mum-of-one confessed: “These were my favourite scenes to film, I absolutely loved doing these scenes with Jimmi [Harkishin].

“I can’t give too much away but she has a feeling that it’s Darren’s money, I think she knows that Dev isn’t quite up to that, he’s a bit of a softie really.

“So she’s winding Dev up and they’re having a bit of cat and mouse game and it’s like what’s she going to do with the money? Will she reveal it to Aadi and be like, ‘This is what your dad’s done?’ or will she twist it and use it against them?

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“Although Courtney might play dumb she’s very, very intelligent and clever and she’s always one step ahead, so Dev’s scenes were honestly my favourite ones to film.”

Fans will have to stay tuned to see how their messy affair will come to and end and what Courtney will do with the money.

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