Steps Claire Richards attempts to shut down The Masked Singer UK speculation

Claire Richards has attempted to throw people off the mark by sharing her thoughts on who is currently appearing on The Masked Singer UK.

Viewers tuned in on Saturday night to see a string of celebrities take to the stage in an assortment of dramatic costumes in a bid to disguise their identities.

While many have started speculating as to who is behind the huge masks, Claire, 45, has become a hot topic with some left convinced she's hiding behind Knitting.

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Fans of the singer behind hits such as Tragedy and Shame On You seem to have worked out the clues pointing to Claire, with one being her choice of the character being a nod to her appearance on The Great British Sewing Bee.

Meanwhile, another clue is 'Don't turn out the lights', a subtle reference to the Steps single Scared Of The Dark while the character said they are "not trained in the thing I'm famous for" – with Claire having previously revealed she had no formal singing training before joining the group.

During the final clues, Knitting said: "The future comes in two parts" – which could be a reference to the Steps albums What The Future Holds and What The Future Holds Pt 2.

But throughout the episode, Claire took to her Twitter page to share her theories on who could be singing, explaining that she believes Australian legend Delta Goodrem could be hiding behind Fawn.

However, one comment which seemed an attempt to throw people off the mark saw Claire tweet: "#Knitting Jane McDonald! @maskedsingeruk."

But her dedicated followers were not convinced, with one replying: "Lol I think everyone knows it's you!"

"Wonder who this is singing No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) this video I just found on YouTube? We know it's you #MaskedSingerUK," after Knitting's first performance was to the same song.

Another said: "I have heard both you of you sing No More Tears in concert but it's your beautiful version Clara! Your voice melts me heart [sic]!"

"After that. Do not even TRY it. That iconic voice. I've sang along to those notes in 'On My Own' in the shower a MILLION times," joked a fourth.

Before another commented: "I think it's you, very distinctive voice. Week 1 clue magpie (One For Sorrow) this week broken heart – Heartbreak In This City from What The Future Holds."

Claire's Steps bandmate Ian 'H' Watkins has also speculated that she may be the voice behind Knitting.


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