'Survivor' Season 16: Are Ozzy Lusth and Amanda Kimmel Still Together?

Survivor is no stranger to the term “showmance.” Many castaways have either hooked up with one of their tribemates for strategic reasons or because they can’t contain their attraction to one another. For Ozzy Lusth and Amanda Kimmel in Survivor Season 16, it was a little bit of both.

Ozzy and Amanda were on the ‘Favorites’ tribe in ‘Survivor’ Season 16

During Survivor Season 16, aka “Fans vs. Favorites,” superfans of the reality competition were pitted against Survivor veterans. And Ozzy Lusth and Amanda Kimmel were both on the “Favorites” tribe together.

Ozzy previously played in Survivor Season 13, “Cook Islands,” where he was crowned the runner-up. And, prior to season 16, Amanda was in Survivor Season 15, “China,” where she finished in third place. So, they both returned to the show to claim the grand prize. Unfortunately, they both fell short of earning the title of Sole Survivor. Ozzy finished Survivor Season 16 in ninth place, and Amanda came in second.

However, during their time in Palau, Ozzy and Amanda began a steamy relationship. The cameras caught them making out, and fellow tribemate Cirie Fields dubbed their romance a “jungle love.” During the Final Tribal Council, Ozzy professed his love for Amanda and voted for her to win. And when it came time for the Survivor Season 16 reunion show, Ozzy and Amanda were still together.

Did Ozzy and Amanda’s relationship last once ‘Survivor’ Season 16 was over?

Unfortunately, sometime after the Survivor Season 16 reunion show aired, Ozzy and Amanda split up. Their jungle love was just not built to last in the real world.

The two of them would return to Survivor a total of three times after season 16. Ozzy appeared in Survivor Season 23, “South Pacific,” and Survivor Season 34, “Game Changers.” And Amanda competed again in Survivor Season 20, “Heroes vs. Villains.”

It seems as though Ozzy is single as of 2021, according to his social media accounts. But Amanda married Matt Cooper in 2015. Together, they have a son born in 2016 and another son born in 2019.

What went wrong in their relationship?

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly leading up to Survivor Season 23, Ozzy discussed what went wrong with his relationship with Amanda. He revealed, “It was jungle love, man, and sad to say, coming back to the city, it just … it didn’t work. We couldn’t make it work. And I love her, she’s a great girl. I wish her all the best. I just almost wish that we hadn’t found each other out there because I really feel like it messed my game up.”

But Ozzy did reminisce about his time spent with Amanda in the show. He said, “I’m sure there is a lot of footage that would not be suitable for home viewers, if you know what I mean.”

Survivor Season 16, featuring Ozzy and Amanda, is now streaming on Netflix.

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