'Teen Mom 2': David Eason Will Not Face Animal Cruelty Charges

Earlier this week police suggested Jenelle Evans’ story about David Eason shooting the family dog was a publicity stunt. Now, it has been announced that Eason will not face charges in connection with the dog’s death because there is absolutely no evidence that the dog was shot and killed. Nugget’s whereabouts remain unknown, and fans are outraged that the gun-toting father of three won’t be held accountable.

David Eason will not be charged in connection to Nugget’sdeath

David Eason will not face charges in connection to Nugget’s death, according to a statement released by the Columbus County Sherriff’s Department. The investigation into the animal cruelty allegations is officially closed.


The department has decided not to move forward with charges because there is no evidence to prove the dog is not alive. While Nugget is clearly not with Evans and Eason any longer, no one is exactly sure where she is, or if she was killed by Eason.


While it seems likely that the dog was killed by Eason, investigators have failed to turn up any evidence to support the notion. The location of Nugget’s body also remains a mystery. However, the dog was likely killed on the family’s property.

Jenelle Evans seems to be feuding with the Columbus CountySheriff’s Department

When news broke of Evans’ potential PR stunt, the disgraced reality TV star took to social media to share her thoughts. She insists that the police are lying about everything. According to USA Today, Evans took issue with the department’s entire statement.

Not only does the mother of three deny the allegation that she told the department it was a PR stunt, but she insists she never even called the cops in the first place. Columbus County authorities claimed Evans reported Nugget’s death, but now she’s saying they called her instead.

Police, however, insist Evans story changed multiple times. Not only did she change the details of the event, but she also changed where exactly she was when the alleged incident occurred. Evans also insists she doesn’t “remember” what she told investigators.

Fans point out that it seems like an open and shut case

A lack of blood evidence, and a couple who are just notwilling to support the investigation, pretty much means the police’s hands aretied. If they can’t prove the incident occurred, they can’t charge Eason inconnection with it.

Fans, however, are miffed. Eason took to social media to defend his actions. In his now-deleted posts, Eason claimed he was protecting his child when he killed the dog. The admission is enough for Teen Mom 2 fans, but the police don’t see it that way.

Since there is no evidence that the dog was murdered, even Eason’s admission is considered hearsay. The concept of “hearsay” was also used in court when a judge decided to dismiss the custody case against the couple.


Evans and Eason lost custody of three of their children shortly after news of Nugget’s death broke. The custody case was expected to take months but was suddenly dropped on July 3. All three children were returned to the couple the following day.

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