Teen Mom Briana DeJesus' ex Devoin Austin slammed as 'gross' for posing with his unflushed PEE in toilet selfie

BRIANA DeJesus' baby daddy Devoin Austin has been slammed for posing with his unflushed pee in a toilet selfie.

Horrified Teen Mom 2 fans couldn't help but notice the full toilet bowl as Devoin posed in the bathroom on a night out.

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The reality star – who shares nine-year-old daughter Nova with Briana – held a drink in his hand and looked down at the floor in the snap.

He shared it to his Instagram Stories and captioned it, "CHEF me!!!"

Critics flocked to Reddit to express their disgust at the background of Devoin's photo.

"Whyyyyyy!? This is so gross," one wrote.

"And a cup in the bathroom… I personally think it’s disgusting to have food or a drink in the bathroom," another posted.

A third added: "This is absolutely foul.

"I would have to be desperate to use that bathroom let alone hang around in it taking photos, let alone post those photos online!"

Earlier this week, Devoin – who recently vacationed in Miami – slammed Briana for being late to pick up Nova from school.

The 28-year-old claimed this wasn't Briana's first transgression and "this s**t always happens."

This week's Teen Mom episode saw Briana realize she had forgotten about a school pickup schedule change.

She admitted to Nova: "I talk all this s**t about your dad being late, and here I am being late."

Then in a confessional, she said: "I feel terrible being late for Nova. I talk a lot of crap about Devoin not doing what he's supposed to do and being late. And then here I am doing the same thing. But at the end of the day, I have a lot of things I have to do, and it's just becoming a little bit overwhelming."

Briana is mom to Nova and daughter Stella, three.

Devoin commented on the clip: "Funny enough. Her being late not a BIG DEAL at all!!!! Like shit happens. Idk when dawg went off on me when I was late.

"AND this is just One time they showing us this. Lord knows how often that s**t happens."

Meanwhile, Briana shared she had taken a break from social media to look after her kids after she had been fighting with her baby daddies over their co-parenting duties.

Briana claimed they weren’t doing enough to support her and their kids, but now she says she's done trying to change her exes.

Briana said of her relationships with them: “As of now, I’m doing me.” 

“I don’t complain and let their dads do what they think they need to do as far as parenting.”

She continued: “So far it’s been drama-free. I don’t care anymore, letting my girls find out for themselves as they get older.”

The reality star recently wrote of her apparent social media absence: "Hey guys, I know I've been a little Mia on social media but I'm taking some well-needed time away focusing on my girls and relationship."

Briana continued: "I love y'all and I am so grateful for all the support!"

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