Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slams troll accusing her of being 'racist' & 'homophobic' after she received death threats online

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans has slammed trolls accusing her of being "racist" & "homophobic" after she received death threats online.

The reality star, 29, fiercely denied the accusations and demanded that people "stop spreading rumours".

Jenelle shared a clip as she set the record straight, saying: "I've never been racist or homophobic.

"And if you really think that then please show me an example of my past where I have been because I would love to know."

She also urged people to stop giving their opinion on the way she raises her three kids – saying that she doesn't teach her children hate.

She continued: "The fact that you think you know what I teach my children after I've been off TV for two years.

I've never been racist or homophobic…and if you really think that then please show me an example.

"You have no idea what I've been up to, yet you're making s**t up out of your ass.

"And also stop comparing death to homophobia and racism…like what the f***.

"I'm pretty sure racism, homophobia and death are all in their own categories and one doesn't top the other one.

"So lets just stop the bulls**t…spreading rumours…f**k you all."


Jenelle recently revealed the cruel death threats that she received from a troll.

She was targeted on Instagram by an online bully, who called her the "most disgusting human".

The troll sent Jenelle a private message on Instagram that read: "Are you dead yet? God I wish you were dead. I absolutely hate you.

"I really think you are the most disgusting human."

Jenelle shared a screenshot of the nasty messages on her Instagram Stories.

The Teen Mom alum also posted another message from a fan – this time a positive one praising Jenelle for "how far she's come".

It read: "Just gotta say I actually am a huge fan of you and to be honest David [Eason, Jenelle's husband].

"Love your videos and how genuine I think you are and just how damn far you have come.

"Good luck with everything health wise. So proud to be a fan of yours."

Jenelle is mom to three children – sons Jace, 11, and Kaiser, six, and daughter Ensley, four.

Fans recently slammed Jenelle and her husband David for their questionable parenting styles.

Last week, David, 33, shared a video of the walls of their family home covered in paint, crayon marks and mud by the children.

The ex-MTV star went round the house videoing pen and paint marks and small doodles left by the children on the walls, furniture and doors.

Fans slammed the couple for allowing the children to be unsupervised and draw on the walls.

"Tell them not to draw on the walls and learn to parent," one woman wrote, to which Jenelle responded: "We parent just fine."

Meanwhile, earlier this month Jenelle was slammed for drinking at 11am after fans spotted cans of Corona on her desk.

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