Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry admits she has 'no communication' with her mom who does not have her number or address

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry admitted she has 'no communication' with her mom who does not have her new number or her address.

The MTV star responded to a fan's question during an Instagram Q&A about her estranged mother.

When the fan asked if her mom has reached out to her, Kailyn replied: "We have no communication. I don't know where she lives & she doesn't have my new number."

The reality star's relationship with her mother, Suzi Irwin, has been troubled over the years.

In 2018, Kailyn confirmed that she had not had any contact with either of her parents.

On her podcast, Coffee Convos, Kailyn said, "I was born into this. I didn't choose this. I didn't do anything wrong. It was just what I was born into. So like they didn't love me properly."

The mom-of-four took to her podcast in early March to recount a childhood story that involved her kidnapping.

"But my dad did kidnap me and brought me to Texas and tried to raise me there, and both sides told me that," she said.

Scarred relationship

The 29-year-old's relationship with her father, Raymond Lowry, first came to light when she starred on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

The father-daughter's last encounter was in 2009, when she visited him in Texas while she was pregnant with her son Isaac.

The interaction was captured on the show, leaving the then-teenager upset as Raymond borrowed money from her and criticized her for getting pregnant.

Last year, Raymond lashed out at his portrayal on the show a decade earlier.

He wrote on Facebook: "I was on the show too and they made me look bad. I know what you mean about shouldn't have to defend yourself."

He went on: "I personally don't think that show is good for young girls to watch. I think it gives them the wrong idea about being a parent so young among other things.

"It's just a bad show I think. Sorry for your bad experience on the show. Been there. Love ya."

Raymond had been replying to Kailyn's sister Mikaila, who was defending herself against her own portrayal on Teen Mom 2.

Kailyn – who has been questioning whether she has a personality disorder – wrote back to Raymond: "No that's a f**king joke. Don't even start this s**t."

The Teen Mom star – who gave birth to her fourth son in July 2020 – added: "You haven't been around or tried with either of us nor paid child support so get the f**k outta here."

The best-selling author previously opened up about her lack of relationship with Raymond in her memoir, Pride Over Pity.

“From what I was told, I was a very sick baby, run down by pneumonia. Instead of taking me to the doctor as was planned, my mother says that my dad whisked me away from Pennsylvania to Texas to raise me on his own," she wrote.

"He did take me to the hospital once we arrived, but my mother came after him with detectives and lawyers and eventually got me back."

The TV star has been doing fine on her own as she's currently vacationing in a luxury Punta Cana villa in the Dominican Republic with her boys, Isaac, 11, Lincoln, 7, Lux, 3, and Creed, 11 months,

The stunning $780-per-night features sprawling home offers room for 14 guests, with five bedrooms, seven beds, and five-and-half baths.

She is also in the process of building her dream six-bedroom mansion in Delaware.

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