Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry's ex Chris Lopez shades baby mama & says he's 'tired of being good to ungrateful people' amid feud

TEEN Mom Kailyn Lowry’s ex Chris Lopez continued his feud with the Teen Mom by shading her in a new post about “ungrateful people.”

The duo, who share sons Lux and Creed, have been throwing insults, both cryptically and flat-out, at each other online for a while now, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Most recently, Kailyn has called out her baby daddy for not celebrating her on Mother’s Day, despite her always celebrating him on Father’s Day.

She also mocked him for “mumbling” his way through being a guest on her podcast, so much so that she had to scrap it.

Feeling like he’s not appreciated enough, the Teen Mom 2 dad shared a quote he connected with on Instagram.

The note read: “I don’t care what anyone says. Good people get tired of being good to ungrateful people!”

He went on to share a photo of himself posing in a pair of jeans, a Goosebumps t-shirt and a red cap.


While he didn’t caption it, he did add Moneybagg Yo’s If Pain Was a Person as the song to go with the picture, making sure to add the lyrics to ensure the necessary person read them.

“I know you obsessed with me and I get it,” the song went. “Stay in yo’ lane and stay out my business (over there).”

The lyrics continued: “Quick and sh*t, makin’ assumptions. Next think you know, you judgin’… what about the truth? It’s two sides to this s**t.”


Kailyn, who is mom to four kids with three baby daddies, expressed her anger and irritation in June at all of the fathers of her kids.

As Father’s Day was coming up, the MTV star said she “just [didn't] know” what she wants to do for them, if anything, because she claimed they usually don’t do anything for her.

She added: “Most years, they don’t even wish me a happy Mother’s Day. So, sometimes I’m just like, ‘F*** it, I’m not doing s**t.’"

Though a part of her wants to be “petty” about it, she said: “Another part of me is like, ‘No, do the gift and the card from the kids.’”

Kail and Chris recently got into a heated fight during a Teen Mom 2 episode.

The father of two yelled at producers, while Kailyn ordered him to "get the f**k out of my car."

Later, the young dad told fans the fight "wasn't serious" and that they weren't "actually arguing."

"I was joking, it's not like I was serious," he claimed on his P.T.S.D podcast.

He continued: "The cameras were there [in the car] so I was like I'm just f**king with them there at that point.

"I'm like, 'y'all can't record me'. That's the reason I was doing that, like f**k you, I'm in the camera like, 'I know you watching, f**k you.'"

He closed: "And then they dropped the episode, and it looked like me and her were arguing and s**t. But I'm like, we're not even arguing. I'm not saying it [f**k you] to her."

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