Teen Mom Maci Bookout admits 'the fuse is coming to an end' as she feuds with ex Ryan Edwards & his wife Mackenzie

TEEN Mom Maci Bookout admitted "the fuse is coming to an end" as she feuds with ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards and his wife, Mackenzie.

Maci has proven that she can go the distance when it's about defending her son from his father and stepmom.

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Maci, 29, took to Twitter to continue expressing her feelings about her ongoing feud with the couple.

Teen Mom's Mackenize McKee first commented on the situation as she wrote: "Honestly though. I couldnā€™t be as nice as Maci is if I was in her situation."

Maci, feeling supported by her castmate, shared the tweet and commented: "The fuse is coming to itā€™s end."

This hinted that Maci might take more extreme measures if Ryan and his wife continue to push her buttons.

Maci expressing just how tired she is of this back and forth with her ex comes after she insulted Mackenzie Edwards and claimed she didn't have a sense of humor.

A fan had tweeted atĀ Maci, asking: "Does Mackenzie have any better comebacks than calling Maci a 'petty b***h or nah? Asking for a friend."

The redhead shot back: "That would take a sense of humor, more education and actual facts to speak about. Soā€¦ No she doesn't."

TheĀ MTVĀ starĀ shares Bentley, 12, with RyanĀ and has been feuding with the couple over their claims that they don't see him "often as they used to".

In Tuesday's episode ofĀ Teen Mom OG, Ryan and Mackenzie claimed they spend much less time with Bentley.

After watching the show, MaciĀ called the couple "stupid b****es" and "pigs"Ā in a furious rant on Twitter.

She raged: "'Not as often as you used to'… He failed to mention it's because Bentley is in school during the week and out of town for sports two weekends a month.

"The weekends he wanted to and was free to go over thereā€¦ he was there?I'm confused."

She added: "When that girl says 'if it has any effect on you seeing B' & then he says 'she does that all the time' Iā€™m like hold the damn phone."

"Do I have control over his bio dad showing up to 5 out of the 100 school/sport events Benny has? & why does he never call/text B?"

The mother-of-three also referred to the time Ryan and MackenzieĀ called her "petty", posting: "Iā€™d rather be a petty b***h than a stupid one. #allday."

During the latest episode,Ā Maci also took aim at Ryan's "delusional" parentsĀ Jen and Larry for previously claiming they're "not allowed" to see Bentley.

Back in October,Ā Larry exclusively spoke to The SunĀ about their family's relationship with their eldest grandson.

Larry claimed that Ryan, 33, can't see his son and that his relationship with theĀ Teen MomĀ star "hasn't been going well."

Ryan has been battling drug addiction for years and recentlyĀ sparked rumors that he had relapsed.

The reality star's dad also said that he and wife Jen do not see Bentley as often as they used to.

After reading the article, Maci told a friend: "They've been allowed to see him the whole time. They just saw him at Jagger's birthday."

Ryan and his wife, Mackenzie, share son Jagger, two, and daughter Stella, one.

After stating "nothing's happened with Jen and Larry," Maci continued "I feel like this was an attempt to get my attention because they're frustrated or to get my attention to say things they would say to me, but won't.

"If I went to the press and spilled all the tea, y'all probably never want to leave your damn house again."

Maci has two other kids – Maverick, four, and Jayde, five – with her husband Taylor McKinney.

Her ex-fiancee Ryan hasĀ struggled with drugs for yearsĀ and has been to rehab several times as well as facing multiple drug-related arrests.

Maci and her son BentleyĀ have aĀ strained relationshipĀ with himĀ as a result of his former addiction, with Ryan recently shutting down the pre-teen's suggestion of going to therapy sessions.


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