Teen Mom Nikkole Paulun admits she 'can't wait' for older kids to return to school weeks after giving birth to her son

NIKKOLE Paulun has revealed that she "can't wait" for her oldest kids to return to school following their summer vacation.

The Teen Mom star recently faced backlash after posting a photo breastfeeding her infant son, Bodhi.

Nikkole, 27, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a controversial message about her two older children, Lyle, 11, and Ellie, five.

Alongside a quick video clip of her son playing games at the computer, the reality star wrote: "I feel bad for saying this but I can't wait for them to go back to school!

"Now that the baby is here I don't leave the house so they're stuck here with me all day every day," she complained while a frowning emoji.


Nikkole's confession followed fan hate over a recent breastfeeding photo she posted on social media.

In the image, the TV personality stood nursing her newborn in only a pair of white underwear as she showed off some underboob.

Some followers were disgusted over the photo, as one commented: "Stop showing yourself feeding your child. We all know how kids are fed."

Nikkole wasted no time in response as she clapped back: "If seeing a woman breastfeed makes you uncomfortable that's a YOU problem."

"I think it's important to share breastfeeding photos, breastfeed in public, and breastfeed in front of your children," she continued.

"It's one of the most natural things in the world yet we've created taboo around it. You wouldn't say this to a bottle-feeding mother so why say it to me?"

Later, Nikkole posted another photo breastfeeding her infant son, and another fan replied: "Why don't you keep these type of photos for yourself?"

Nikkole shot back: "If you're going to be one of these people simply unfollow."


The MTV star gave birth to her third child in July, after previously suffering a miscarriage.

The mother of three has been sharing baby updates, including a video of her breastfeeding Bodhi last week, saying that it’s “exhausting but rewarding” and that she “loves” it.

Despite feeling fatigued over her recent childbirth, Nikkole has admitted that Bodhi is the "chillest baby."

“He’s the chillest baby, unless he’s hungry or is getting his diaper changed," she claimed, before sharing that she’s planning to “start introducing a bottle next week.”

“We’ll be bottle feeding with breast milk! To give Kyle a chance to help with feeding and prepare for when (and if) I go back to work!” she explained.


Nikkole and her husband Kyle Ledda announced the birth of their son in an Instagram post in July.

"Baby boy is here! After 14 hours of labor we welcomed our sweet rainbow babe last night!" they gushed.

"We’ve been just resting & soaking him all in. Thank you all so much for the prayers & congratulations. He’s perfect!"

When Nikkole suffered a miscarriage last Summer, she pleaded with fans to  "keep us in your prayers."

Shortly after giving birth to Bodhi, the blonde posed nearly naked with her baby, writing: “Welcome to the 4th trimester.

“Where time is measured in feedings & diaper changes."

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