The Apprentice 2019: Fired candidate slams co-star after boardroom clash ‘He did nothing’

Lord Alan Sugar pointed his finger at Riyonn Farsad on tonight’s The Apprentice as the businessman became the fifth candidate to be fired. The candidates were given the infamous shopping list task with one team being sent to Oxford and the other team to Cambridge to hunt down a list of items on the BBC show. However the fired candidate thinks Ryan-Mark Parsonshas a lot to answer for. 

After Lord Sugar decided it was time for Riyonn to leave, the candidate admitted he was to blame for some of the failings of the task.

Riyonn confessed: “I was to blame for wasting time or taking too long to do stuff.”

However, Riyonn explained there were other candidates who he felt barely contributed.

“You had other people to blame who did nothing so it becomes who’s to blame – the person who’s trying or the person who’s doing little,” he remarked.

Revealing who he thinks was responsible for the failure of the task, Riyonn said Ryan-Mark should have been fired.


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He explained: “On the basis he did nothing and he hasn’t been manager in any of the tasks.

“He hasn’t really put himself out there and I think if you’re going on a business show you need to show your business acumen.”

“You’ve got to put yourself out there,” he added.

Despite being fired, Riyonn doesn’t blame Jemelin Artigas for bringing him back into the boardroom.

“I think she made the right decision in bringing people back,” he remarked.

“There was a lot of problems with people but I was the sub-team leader, I was an obvious choice to bring back.”

Riyonn went on to confirm he has no regrets from his time on The Apprentice.

“I went into this process exactly as I am as a person, I didn’t change for the camera and I left without any regret,” he continued.

“I went in and did me, other people are in the background making a few funny remarks but throughout the process itself they’re not doing much.”

The businessman who also was asked if the atmosphere in the boardroom changes when it’s revealed which team has won. 

“Completely,” he said. “When you know who has lost there’s a huge shift in energy. 

“You go away thinking what did I do, how do I defend myself, how do I explain myself, all thinking the same thing.” 

“Then you’re down to three [candidates] and it goes up a gear,” he added.


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The fired candidate explained there can be “tension” at times after the fiery boardroom scenes.

Riyonn said: “A lot of people know exactly what it is, you go in the boardroom you fight it out and you go back and normally a lot of people let it go but some people do hold on to it. 

“Not many people hold grudges but there’s tension amongst a few people because some people can’t take the insults as well as the others. 

“Everyone knows the process, everyone knows the name of the game equally everyone is as bad as each other.”

Since leaving the show Riyonn has been focusing on his two businesses Middle Eastern Kitchen, which is a range of traditional Middle Eastern cooking sauces and Auditions, a fun role-playing card game. 

The Apprentice returns Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One. 

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