The Cabins' viewers disgusted as Robyn farts in bed with Mamudo and SMELLS it after a disastrous date

THE Cabins' viewers disgusted as Robyn farted in bed with Mamudo and SMELLED it after a disastrous date.

The pair seemed to get on really well during their first day and even shared a bed together.

However, the second date brought frictions to the surface as Mamudo started to get annoyed at Robyn for not pulling her weight.

Things were extra shaky when she didn't know how to cut sweet potatoes, then took ages cooking them.

There was a lack of communication at dinner, then when it was time to wash up, Robyn agreed.

She didn't know how to turn the dishwasher on, though, and this further annoyed Mamudo.

But things got extra gross when they went to bed.

Robyn asked if he was tired, to which a clearly fed up Mamudo replied: "Yes."

She then slipped into bed next to him – before saying: "I'm going to trump."

Robyn let out a huge fart and started laughing, but it left Mamudo, and many of the viewers, unimpressed.

She even lifted the covers up, smelt it, and told him not to do the same.

One viewer said: "No way did that girl just fluff and smell her own fluff in bed with that lad on the 2ND DAY"

Another added: "Did she just sniff under the cover wtf this girl is vile can the producers go and save Mamudo please"

A third said: "omg did she actually just do that …”I’m going to trump” she messing!"

This isn't the only fart on The Cabins this week – after Abraham farted during a heart-to-heart with Sofia.

As the pair discussed if romance was on the cards for them, Abraham, 21, warned: "I really need to fart" and stood up to let one rip.

Sofia, also 21, was forced to look on as Abraham did the deed, before he wafted the air around him.

He then apologised before returning to sit next to Sofia and shared that he now had a "damp" bum.

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