The Fantastic Four Might Be Part Of The MCU Already: What Does Paul Rudd's Ant-Man Know About It?

Marvel president Kevin Feige teased that the Fantastic Four will become a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) during his appearance at Comic-Con International. Feige did not reveal when the Fantastic Four will appear on the big screens, but Ant-Man star Paul Rudd might know a thing or two about it.

Feige teases the return of Fantastic Four

After a panel at Comic-Con in San Diego, Feige admitted that he is excited about bringing characters like the Fantastic Four into the larger MCU. Feige did not share too many details about ongoing projects, but he did say that casting has not started for the new franchises. Although it might be a while before we see any of these characters in action, this is official confirmation that we have not seen the last of the Fantastic Four.

“I’m extremely excited about those characters and aboutbringing Marvel’s first family up to the level and platform that theydeserve,” Feige shared.

Feige made the announcement along with other revelations aboutPhase 4. This includes sharing a timeline for future Marvel films, such as Thor:Love and Thunder, The Eternals, Black Widow, and DoctorStrange in the Multiverse of Madness. Marvel also announced plans for a fewtelevision shows that premiere on Disney’s new streaming platform, Disney+.

Is the Fantastic Four already in the MCU?

According to TheMix, inside sources claim that Marvel is thinking about adding theFantastic Four into the MCU in a clever way. Producers are reportedly playingaround with the idea that the Fantastic Four have already been living insidethe MCU and were working with Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and Wasp (MichellePfeiffer). The only reason we have not seen them in a recent movie is becausethey got caught in the Negative Zone. The team somehow managed to get out ofthe Negative Zone in one piece and will be introduced in a forthcoming film.

This storyline is similar to what happened to Rudd’s Ant-Man in Avengers:Endgame. As fans will recall, the character was stuck in the Quantum Realafter Thanos killed half of the life in the universe. When he got out of theQuantum Realm, five years had passed, though Rudd’s character had not agedduring that time. Marvel, of course, has not confirmed any of these rumors.

Fans first theorized about this storyline back in 2017, thoughthe details have shifted a little since the Infinity War saga.

Who will be the villain in Fantastic Four?

When the Fantastic Four was introduced in 1961, one of the firstmajor villains they faced was Annihilus, who ruled the Negative Zone. If Marvelgoes with the Negative Zone storyline, then it is possible that the next bigvillain the team faces is Annihilus. But there is one villain that the Reed(Mr. Fantastic), Sue (Invisible Woman), Johnny (Human Torch), and Ben (Thing)faced who was more powerful than all the rest: Doom.

In fact, Doom is one of the most powerful supervillains of all time — and he was one of Stan Lee’s favorite. After the Fantastic Four is introduced into the MCU, there is a chance that Marvel will unleash Doom in either Phase 4 or Phase 5.

In the comics, Doom is a genius scientist who created a suit of armor that is super advanced (not unlike Tony Stark). He also has an army of robots that are always on standby to protect him. He was even Iron Man for a short time before going back to being a bad guy. Now that Thanos is no longer a threat, Doom would be a great addition to the MCU moving forward.

Will the Fantastic Four introduce Silver Surfer?

Another great storyline from the Fantastic Four comics features Galactus and Silver Surfer. Galactus is a massive cosmic entity who eats entire planets to survive. Silver Surfer acts as Galactus’ herald. As fans will recall, this plot was used in the movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, only Galactus was subbed out for a large cloud.

If Marvel chooses to go this route, we can only hope that the studio does Galactus right and does not change too much from the comics.

Marvel has not released any details about a potential FantasticFour movie.

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