The Grand Tour's James May hits back at fan after VERY crude comment about his manhood

THE Grand Tour's James May has hit back at a fan after they made a crude comment about his manhood.

The presenter, 58, was part of a supporter's very vivid dream which they shared with the world on Twitter.

The user explained the bizarre dream involving James, penning: "You know when you have a BAD sexual dream about someone? and just cause of that everything feels f*****g horrible?

"Yeah I can’t watch James May on Top Gear anymore. walked in on him and one of my friends. cheers James May."

Not long after she perhaps gave too much information when she added: "Also like nice peen james may. impressed.”

The former Top Gear presenter saw the messages and provided a witty response as he joked: "I’m afraid it was only a dream."

The tweet received nearly 2500 likes and one of the hilarious responses stood out the most.

This user wrote: "All these years, I’ve watched TG and TGT. All these years. And you reply to my girlfriends tweet about your penis. Life isn’t fair, man."

Fans will be eager to see the next episode of The Grand Tour after special episode 'A Massive Hunt' arrived in December 2020.

The Scotland special of The Grand Tour was filmed late last year and is currently being edited for a release later in the year, so all motor enthusiasts have something to look forward to.

In December, James admitted he was forced to tone down 'genuine friction' with co-stars Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond for the sake of the The Grand Tour.

The trio have forged a great relationship travelling the world together, but James revealed things weren't always pain sailing.

May told TVMag that any tension or hostility between the presenters was not allowed to be seen on the show.

He shared: "There's genuine friction, we have to tone it down for television otherwise it wouldn't be allowed.

"It was so hard to be honest to get up that road and we did, we did start to think that we, you know, we've been given something we actually wouldn't be able to achieve which is a worry when you're making a TV show because you have to you have to conclude the show in some way."

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