The Last Kingdom: What major change did the series make to Brida?

The Last Kingdom season 5 trailer from Netflix

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The Last Kingdom season five was the final instalment in the Netflix drama and fans are still desperate to see more. A follow-up film titled Seven Kings Must Die is in the making for the streaming platform and in the meantime, viewers have been leaving their feedback on the show’s finale. They highlighted one important detail the series left out regarding Uhtred’s (played by Alexander Dreymon) friend Brida (Emily Cox).

What major change did The Last Kingdom series make to Brida?

Long-standing fans of the series will know it is based on The Saxon Stories by Bernard Cornwell.

While the series follows the books for the most part, some creative changes were made to adapt the story for the small screen.

Brida and Uhtred’s relationship was one of the most heartbreaking story arcs of the series.

In the end, the pair had settled their dispute and were ready to make amends, but Uhtred’s daughter Stiorra (Ruby Hartley) decided it was time to kill Brida.

Throughout the final season, fans were terrified of how evil Brida had become.

The start of the season saw Brida leading a group of Vikings to England to fight back against Uhtred and the Saxons.

Fans took to Reddit to point out how Brida has Seer abilities in the original story, which were not touched on in the series.

Karagiannhss said: “If they had kept that then it would act as a far better explanation as to why all those Icelanders followed her in season five other than the fact that they just happened to view her as influential.”

Instead, it is Brida’s daughter who has the special powers in the final season.

She uses her Seer abilities to determine who should be used as a sacrifice to the gods.

Arcantiger shared their thoughts on the missing detail about Brida.

They said: “That explains why she drank the mushroom potion to seek guidance/see future and why Uhtred asked his gang to take him to Brida cause ‘she knows what to do’ when he was sick [from curse as he believed].

“Even though Brida got the totem head from a more powerful seer than Skade, it seems that those two instances lowkey referenced what was in the books.” [Sic]

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However, karagiannhss pointed out: “It’s not like Brida’s connection to Seiðr magic was completely removed.

“Like you said she drank the mushroom ale to see the future and seemed rather well knowledgeable on how to find Storri and how to use the Nithstong against Skade, but all that aside her connection to Seiðr was not nearly as strong as it was in the books.”

Brida was the character everyone loved to hate by the fifth season as she was determined to see Uhtred suffer.

Unable to understand why he chose to support the Saxons rather than the Danes, she decided to wash her hands of their friendship.

Wanting to punish Uhtred for abandoning her, she decided to destroy his bloodline.

She castrated his son, Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot) and hunted down Stiorra with the aim of drawing Uhtred in.

Brida appeared to be heading down a path to redemption as she and Uhtred took part in a final one-on-one battle.

However, she met her demise just as they were about to reconcile their relationship.

The Last Kingdom seasons 1-5 are on Netflix now.

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