The movie stars raking in 'tens of thousands of pounds per WORD', from Jennifer Lawrence to Benedict Cumberbatch

THEIR movies have become some of the biggest Box Office hits in recent years, so it's no surprise that major Hollywood stars are paid well for their time on screen.

But when their salaries are broken down, some of them are even taking home thousands of pounds per WORD.

For movie stars like Scarlet Johansson and Benedict Cumberbatch, every breath counts – and their pay checks reflect each and every one of their scripted words. analysed a number of top movie scripts and the widely reported salaries of the highest-paid actors and actresses on them, to work out a rough estimate of what they earned per word that they were scripted.

The results were startling, with celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone reaching five figures.

Here we break down each of their reported pay packets…

Jennifer Lawrence – '£10K per word'

Character: Dominika

Film: Red Sparrow

Reported salary: £12 million

Jennifer Lawrence, 30, has been going from strength to strength since the Hunger Games movies, and she's widely claimed to have earned around £12 million playing Dominika in 2018's Red Sparrow.

She admitted she was initially hesitant to do sexual scenes in a movie, but told USA Today: "Obviously, it’s very sexy, and I wasn’t quite sure yet where my head was on that, so I just wanted to talk about it (with director Francis Lawrence)…

"We both knew I was going to have to decide to do the scenes as they’re written or another actress should do the role. And here I am. I’m still alive."

Scarlett Johansson – '£18.9K per word'

Character: Black Widow

Film: Avengers: Endgame

Reported salary: £12 million

Scarlett, 35, is a standout star in the Avengers movies and is said to have earned around £12 million overall in End Game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Fans were left devastated by Black Widow's death in the film, and she told the news outlet: "The finality of it was sad, but I was excited to die with honor (sic)."

Benedict Cumberbatch – '£11.5K per word'

Character: Doctor Strange

Film: Thor Ragnarok

Reported salary: Max £875K (£3.5-£4.2 million for all four Marvel films)

He's become a household favourite thanks to his recurring role as Doctor Strange in the Marvel films, and Benedict Cumberbatch, 44, has taken home a fair sum of money for his work (and specifically, words) on screen.

According to The Mirror, he earned as much as £4.2 million for his roles in Doctor Strange, Thor Ragnarok, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers 4. That's said to be around £11,546 per word overall.

Emma Watson – '£2.7K per word'

Character: Belle

Film: Beauty and the Beast

Reported salary: £2.3 million (upfront)

She may have shot to fame as Hermione Granger, but Emma Watson, 30, wowed viewers of all ages with her role as Belle on the modern adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

And she reportedly took home around £2.3 million upfront.

The story was close to the actress' heart from the moment she signed up.

"I didn't have to learn a single lyric because I already knew the songs by heart," she told CNN.

"I've always loved singing, and it's something I've always wanted to do."

Eddie Redmayne – '£2.3K per word'

Character: Lili Elbe

Film: The Danish Girl

Reported salary: £271K

It was the role that won Eddie Redmayne praise from around the globe, as he portrayed Danish painter Lili Elbe – who was among the early recipients of gender reassignment surgery.

And while Redmayne, 38, didn't pick up as much as some of his acting colleagues, he didn't do badly at all, with the site calculating his earnings at £2,312 per scripted word.

Emma Stone – '£11.3K per word'

Character: Mia

Film: La La Land

Reported salary: £20 million

One of the top earners of 2017 was said to be Emma Stone, 31, thanks to the huge success of La La Land, with multiple sites claiming she made as much as £20 million overall.

According to the calculator, that's £11,281 per scripted word – making every song truly count.

Angelina Jolie – '£16.6K per word'

Character: Maleficent

Film: Maleficent

Reported salary: £23-25 million

When it comes to a major actress like Angelina Jolie, 45, the pay packet will always be sky high – and she's claimed to have earned anything from £23-25 million for Maleficent overall.

She told reporters of her role when the movie came out: "Part of the thing with this role is that you realize (sic) that there’s no half-way. If you’re going to do it, you can’t kinda do it. You have to just go fully into it and enjoy it."

Ben Affleck – '£7.6K per word'

Character: Christian "Chris" Wolff

Film: The Accountant

Reported salary: £11 million

Ben Affleck, 48, showed viewers a whole new side to him in 2016 American action-thriller The Accountant – which offered him a reported salary of £11 million.

The calculator claims that's around £7,632 per scripted word – but it rewarded some very hard work from the star.

He told reporters in 2016: "It was a very challenging role and it required a lot of research.

"[The director] and I went around and spent time with people who were at various places on the autism spectrum, and observed behavior (sic) and talked to them and engaged with them in everything from what their daily life is like to what type of movie they’d like to see about someone with autism."

Joaquin Phoenix – '£1.3K per word'

Character: Joker

Film: Joker

Reported salary: £3.5 million

For Joaquin Phoenix, 45, his role in Joker has become one of his most praised of all. And it's claimed to have come with a pay check of £3.5 million – apparently equating to £1,315 per scripted word.

The psychological thriller provides a possible origin story for the legendary character, as he slowly descends into insanity, and it left many viewers in awe.

Ryan Reynolds – '£968 per word'

Character: Deadpool

Film: Deadpool

Reported salary: £1.5 million

Ryan Reynolds, 43, has become well known for his role as Deadpool in the hit movie, but his earnings per word appear to fall behind some of his colleagues – at a reported £968 each (with a salary of £1.5 million overall).

However, it's a huge amount compared to his first acting role – where he took home just £116 a day.

The actor told Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan in an interview that aired on ABC in an interview in 2016: "For me, I thought I was, like, a gajillionaire."

Mark Wahlberg – '£2.1k per word'

Character: Fletcher Chace

Film: All The Money In The World

Reported salary: £3.9 million (before reshoot)

Mark Wahlberg, 49, hit the headlines when it came to his own movie salary for All The Money In The World.

While he was initially reported to have made around £3.9 million, some scenes were later reshot which fetched him £1.2 million. However, his co-star Michelle Williams pocketed just £770 from the reshoots, sparking outrage at the time.

In response, Wahlberg donated the money to the sexual misconduct defence initiative Time's Up, in his co-star Michelle Williams' name.

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