The One Show viewers blast ‘car crash’ Michael J Fox interview: ‘Painful to watch’

Richard Osman tells Christopher Lloyd he can have role in new film

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On Tuesday night’s The One Show, hosts Jermaine Jenas and Sam Quek welcomed Richard Osman and Back to the Future actor Christopher Lloyd onto the show. They also spoke with Christopher’s co-star Michael J Fox via video link. However, viewers were quick to point out there were some awkward moments throughout the interview with the Back to the Future stars. Some branded the chat “painful to watch”, while others praised Richard for helping them get through the segment.

Speaking about replacing the original Marty McFly in the movie, Michael began: “It was interesting to come into a situation where the environment is already set.

“Operating the way, they wanted it too. It was a growing concern.

“And so, I just came into it and injected as much energy as I could into it.

“The first scene we shot was the scene in the parking lot. The flames and stuff.”

Praising his co-star, Michael said: “He is a brilliant man. It took me a while to appreciate how truly brilliant he is.

“The way he has mentored my career and the way I look at acting.”

However, the interview soon took an unexpected turn when The One Show’s Sam and Jermaine spoke with Christopher, as there seemed to be a few awkward pauses.

Speaking about the Back to the Future musical, Sam asked how they created the scene in the parking lot Michael had previously mentioned.

“I don’t know,” he simply replied. “It was a wonderful show. Have you seen any of it, Michael?”

As Michael agreed with his co-star, Christopher continued: “It was great.”

Another moment during the segment was when Sam asked Christopher whether he could do an English accent.

“I don’t know,” he awkwardly replied as Richard laughed.

“Chris, I will get in touch with your agent,” Richard told him as he attempted to break the tension.

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As the interview came to a close, Sam quizzed the actor on whether he would have wanted to play Doc in the stage musical.

“No…” he replied and as Sam tried to push him further, Richard weighed in: “That’s his answer.”

Taking to social media following the programme, Steve Hewett raged: “I wish the presenters would just let Christopher Lloyd speak, he clearly needs time to think and react so give him space and let him tell his stories. Don’t be scared of a second or two of dead air.

Clive wrote: “Who chose these two hosts? All their interviews are car crashes.

Christina Riley tweeted: “Quite a disgrace – Why are the presenters of BBC the one show, not giving the legends of Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd a chance to speak. It is quite rude, and disrespectful.”

“Omg that was painful,” Petra penned.


Ian Freeman said: “Well done to young Sam and JJ for getting through that painful #TheOneShow relatively unscathed. Talk about a struggle – thank goodness for Richard Osman who knew how tough it was for them and helped them no end.”

“That was a DISASTER,” Maisie commented. “They should have given Christopher Lloyd more time to speak – he’s an amazing actor.

“Instead of letting @richardosman ramble on. Two absolute legends needed a better presenter #MichaelJFox.”

While Ash pointed out: “#theoneshow is so uncomfortably embarrassing tonight after many times of making Christopher Lloyd a laughing matter. Big massive shame. The only gentleman was the great Richard Osman to rescue the moment. Shame on you The One Show.” (sic)

The One Show airs weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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