The Walking Dead: When Will Maggie And Negan Cross Paths? Probably Sooner Than You Think

Now that the episode that was originally slated to be the Season 10 finale of The Walking Dead has aired, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: What’s going to happen when Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) finally meet again? With the next season of the AMC series being the last, you might think that would be the perfect time for it to happen. However, it sounds entirely possible we’ll see that showdown before then.

When asked what their meeting would be like during The Walking Dead’s New York Comic Con 2020 panel, showrunner Angela Kang simply said, “You’ll see in the episodes to come.” However, she also revealed that the upcoming Season 10 bonus episodes, which will debut early in 2021, will feature a Maggie-centric story.

“We’re really going to see an episode with Maggie when she comes back, since we just got to see her for a little bit in the finale that just aired,” Kang teased. However, she was also careful to note how everyone on the NYCC panel, including Morgan, would figure into the bonus episodes. It’s hard to imagine a more meaningful story for Negan, at this point, than having to face Maggie and her child, knowing that he brutally murdered her husband Glenn.

After all, this isn’t the same Negan that swung around his barbed wire-wrapped baseball bat, caving in the heads of his foes. While he still isn’t completely trusted by those around him, he’s at least a somewhat reformed man. Of course, that’s news that Maggie might not care to hear.

At this point, though, it remains to be seen how she’ll find out about his current place in the group. “[It] will be interesting to see if anybody, like, kind of tells Maggie what Negan’s been up to or if [they] put it on Negan to start from scratch with this,” Morgan said during the panel.

While he’s not sure how it will happen, the actor has discussed the potential story with Cohan. “Lauren and I talked about it a little bit. So we’re both very excited to kind of see how that plays out,” he said.

Thus far, there is no premiere date for the next episodes of The Walking Dead. However, Kang did reveal that some cast members are currently in Georgia, preparing to film for the series. The Walking Dead will return in early 2021.

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