The Weakest Link turns tense as Pat Sharp rages after being voted off BBC show

Pat Sharp was not very impressed when he was voted The Weakest Link on the New Years Day episode.

The 60-year-old Fun House star hailed that there had been an injustice, claiming that his co-stars had teamed up to vote him off.

During the round Pat had answered one question wrong like every other player – except from Jordon North who was the strongest Link.

He received three of a possible five votes and was was booted off of the show.

Host Romesh Ranganathan, 43, asked Pat: "Japanese garment you took a stab in the dark and went for Kargall"

The children's TV star chirped back: "It's the only one I got wrong all night."

Romesh interjected: "But weirdly, if I was being honest with you out of everyone you’re the one I would most likely think worn a kimono.

He joked: "Pat Sharp across the back, a little fun house logo, walking around the house with a cigar."

"Do you think there has been an injustice here?" asked the host

Pat protested: "Being the oldest here, I think I would have been useful to the team and I’ve only got one wrong."

Speaking off camera after his exit, the 90s icon commented: Too be voted off as the weakest link is a little bit tough.

"The question that tripped me up was the Japanese kargall but it wasn’t a kargall it was a kimono.

"It wasn’t ok, it was the wrong K."

In the programme Radio one star Jordon North found himself in a sticky situation after he'd boasted about not getting any questions wrong and later had a terrible round.

He explained: "I'm feeling quite nervous but I don't think I've got one wrong yet."

Ramesh said: "Alright, little brag there."

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