These Theories About Randall's Mom on 'This Is Us' Could Explain Where She is Today

Every time it seems like This Is Us is finally answering our questions, it ends up asking five more that present us with new mysteries to solve, and right now, that mystery resolves around Randall (Sterling K. Brown) and his mom—his biological mom, not Rebecca (Mandy Moore). As far as Randall and the rest of the Pearson family knows, his bio mom, Laurel, is dead and has been since he was a newborn, but as we now know, that might not be true… and what if she’s out there, wondering about him?

As the story of his biological parents goes, his dad, William—may he rest—freaked out when it seemed like Laurel had died after giving birth in their apartment, and split when the EMTs thought they couldn’t revive her. But what William didn’t stick around to see is that they actually did get her back. So where is she now?

There are a few theories out there about what could be going on. Every time I watch This Is Us, I feel like I’m making a conspiracy map, but it’s so worth it.

She could be tied to Jack’s time in Vietnam.

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During last Tuesday’s ep, we were introduced to a Vietnamese man and his granddaughter who were going fishing, and while we still don’t know who they were, at the end, we found out that this man knows Randall’s mom. Laurel showed up in a picture with him, but we don’t know much more than that. Could she have gone to Vietnam after she realized William was gone and started a new life, and this will somehow overlap with Jack being in Vietnam? Or was she in Vietnam before she met William and actually met Jack while he was there? So many possibilities!

Or she might be connected to Randall’s therapist.

Some fans on Reddit have a theory that Laurel has a connection to Randall’s therapist. He recently chose a new one after he realized the importance of being able to speak freely about his experience as a Black man to someone who understood. It’s totally possible that she’s related to or is close with Randall’s new therapist, and in telling his story, the therapist might realize that his mom is actually Laurel and be able to reconnect them. It’s fate!

Randall might have a half-sibling out there.

The man from the fishing scene may have had children with Laurel—the parents of the granddaughter he was fishing with, obvs — so what if Randall has an actual blood sibling somewhere? What if that person is his therapist? Okay, moving on from the therapist theory…

She could end up being a significant part of the storyline.

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