'This Is Us': Justin Hartley's Love Life off-Screen Is Significantly Better Than on Screen

Justin Hartley plays heartthrob, Kevin Pearson on the NBC hit show, This Is Us, where we have all been rooting for him to finally find lasting love. We swooned when things began heating up with Kevin and Zoe (Melanie Liburd), however, their on-again, off-again relationship has us wanting more for sweetheart, Kevin Pearson — who has realized that he truly does want to settle down and have a family. 

For those looking for his happy ending, let’s take a look off-screen at the romance between Hartley and actress, Chrishell Stause, which is truly captivating.


Justin Hartley’s early relationship with Chrishell Stause was the opposite of Kevin and Zoe’s in ‘This Is Us’

Hartley was starring on The Young and the Restless, while Stause was a regular on Days of Our Lives when a mutual friend encouraged them to go on a date. The pair met up at a concert and completely hit it off. They ended up talking the entire evening, sealing the night with just a sweet kiss on the cheek.

“The next day I texted my friend: ‘I found him,’” Stause told People. Hartley was clearly enthralled as well: “I drove her home and called the next day. We haven’t been apart since. I knew right away [and] was like, ‘Oh boy, here we go,’” he dished in the same interview. 

On-screen, Hartley’s character, Kevin began his relationship with Zoe with non-committal casual hook-ups. It took the pair what seemed like an eternity to take it to the next level. 


Hartley’s relationship has gone much smoother than Kevin Pearson’s

Hartley proposed to Stause in July 2016, after three years of dating bliss. In the months leading up to the big day, Hartley could not stop talking about his fiancee while doing press for the NBC show. “It’s a special thing, isn’t it, that when you find that one person — and it sounds so cheesy. Some people are like, ‘Oh, there’s one person for everyone,’” Hartley told Harry Connick Jr. on his namesake show, Harry. “But when you meet that one person, you realize like what the hell have I been doing my whole life? This is the person.” 

Stause and Hartley tied the knot on October 28, 2017. But, wedding bells are just not in the cards for Kevin and Zoe on This Is Us — the pair finally called it quits in the finale of season 3. 


What does the future hold for Kevin Pearson’s love life on ‘This Is Us’?

During the season 3 finale, Kevin realized that he does indeed want to have children; while, Zoe does not. The two split amicably. However, Melanie Liburd will not be continuing on the show. Fans were hopeful she might stick around but executive producer, Isaac Aptaker explained that it would have been unfair to keep her. “We don’t want to hold on to her and then not have the real estate for her,” he told TVLine.  


Now that Kevin is single, in his forties, and ready to settle down, we could see him jumping into another serious relationship. It is possible that the newcomer to the show, Jennifer Morrison, who starred in Once Upon a Time, could be Kevin’s new romance. Details about Morrison’s character are still under wraps, but it was confirmed that she will have a significant presence on the NBC series. 

We will have to wait and see if Hartley’s love life on screen ever lives up to his off-screen romance with Stause. 

This Is Us Season 4 premieres on September 24th, 2019.

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