Tipping Point beauty wows fans with charitable reason for wanting to win

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Tipping Point viewers were bowled over during Thursday's episode of the show, as contestant Kirsty revealed her 'wholesome' reason for wanting to win.

As brunette beauty Kirsty reached the final round of the show, presenter Ben Shephard asked her what she would do if she was able to secure the jackpot counter from the machine.

"I'd go back to Cambodia," Kirsty revealed. "I volunteered at an elephant sanctuary there."

Kirsty said she'd love to go back and help the elephants more, and also pay visits to a dog sanctuary and a monkey sanctuary.

"Watching things like Tipping Point and The Chase and hearing folks' motivations for it can be great," one viewer gushed on Twitter.

Another wrote: "Worked in an elephant sanctuary. Wow, I'd love to do that."

Someone else penned: "Kirsty would spend the 10k jackpot going to Cambodia to work in animal sanctuaries. Quite wholesome that."

"Holiday in Cambodia. Cracking," another said.

And a fifth social media user typed: "Yesterday the Welsh dude was saving the world, today Kirsty's saving the elephants, monkeys and dogs."

Unfortunately, the brunette bombshell failed to secure the jackpot counter, and as she played the final three counters as instructed by Ben, it was revealed she would not have taken the £10,000 if she had gambled.

Asked if her winnings would be enough to send her to Cambodia, she replied: "Hopefully!"

She did, however, manage to secure an electric bike from one of the mystery counters.

Fans were left distracted by her glam look and quizzing prowess, with one commenting: "I love Kirsty's eyes".

Another wrote: "I hope Kirsty wins, she seems to be the kindest."

And just a few minutes into the programme, a third Twitter user typed: "Well this episode is already over, Kirsty clearly going to the final."

Earlier this week, viewers were left devastated as a major U-turn meant one contestant lost out on a whopping £3,400.

James decided to trade his winnings for a chance to gamble for the jackpot counter, which was left on the second shelf and seemed well within reach.

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