Tipping Point fans left baffled after spotting contestant’s ‘distracting’ habit

Tipping Point fans were left distracted during Monday afternoon’s trip to the ITV studios when they noticed one contestant appeared to have an unusual habit.

Ben Shephard returned to host another segment, with four contestants stepping up to the plate in the hopes of making it through to the jackpot round.

However, as soon as the episode began, player India was the clear winner, winning over £1000 in the very first round.

Watching from home, certain fans were distracted by her body language, noticing she was walking on the spot while she played.

One said: "India is getting her Fitbit steps."

"India stay still," wrote a second.

And a third chimed: "India's no doubt a lovely person, but I do wish that she'd stay still. Everytime that Ben asks the contestants a question I can't concentrate on anything bar her constant jigging around!”

With the pressures of the TV studio and the money at stake, India may have been feeling a little nervous about the competition.

However, she had no need to worry, as she sailed through to the semi-final with thousands to her name.

Impressed by her performance, Ben praised: “India, what a fantastic first couple of rounds you’ve had. It’s all gone to plan.”

It was a close semi-final but her rival Shaun failed to trump India's dazzling total of £1,950, meaning she was through to the grand finale.

Welcoming her to the final, Ben exclaimed: "You’ve seen off all the other competitors!"

The geography student, whos is in the second year of her studies, shared her plans to spend her winnings, revealing she was saving up for a trip overseas.

She said: "I'd like to go travelling I think, I’ve never really left Europe."

Joking a sun-soaked jaunt abroad could contribute to her geography degree, she added: "It's experience isn’t it! That’s what I tell myself."

Hoping India would earn the winnings she was hoping for, Ben added: "Finishing your studies and going on an adventure would be a great way of celebrating."

In the end, India left with a tidy sum of £3,500 in the bank – more than enough to fund a glittering vacation.

Tipping Point airs on weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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