Tom Cruise’s stolen car had one of world’s only copies of new Top Gun sequel inside

TOM Cruise’s car had one of the world’s only copies of the new Top Gun sequel inside when it was swiped this week, we can reveal.

Sources close to the star — in the UK filming Mission: Impossible 7 — confirm the recording of the hotly-anticipated, £120million movie was in a case in the BMW X7.

The £100,000 motor, and the copy of Top Gun: Maverick, were found but it is not known if the film was copied.

Producers have assigned security to mind the storage device until the film’s release next May.

It sees Tom, 59, again play hot-shot pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell — as he did in the 1986 original hit.

A source said: “That film’s been blighted by challenges but everyone involved is excited by how it’s come together. Finally the end’s in sight.

“So, after all the hard work, the thought of it being leaked after Covid delays forced the release back to next year is devastating.

“The only copies outside the studio vaults have now been assigned their own security when they are transported.

“There’s too much riding on this not to do so.”

Tom has been filming in the UK for much of the last year.

He was shooting in Birmingham city centre when his motor was swiped.

It was found three miles away behind a fried chicken restaurant.

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