Toy Story fans horrified as VERY rude joke resurfaces from film and 'ruins their childhoods'

Millennial childhoods will never look the same again with the rising popularity of memes and GIFs unearthing racy jokes in classic kids’ movies. 

One of the latest to leave the Gen Y community ‘shooketh’ is the rediscovery of a rather adult detail in Toy Story. Warning: it’s a proper shocker. 

Whether or not it’s a total coincidence – and millions of Pixar fans out there are hoping it is – the internet is realising something funny about Legs. 

Legs is of course one of Sid’s toys, a mash-up of Barbie legs and a fishing rod, which seems innocent enough to most. 

But rumour has it the animated character was designed like this on purpose as a saucy reference to hookers – or sex workers. 

Get it? She has a hook at the end of her fishing rod to hook things with, so she’s a hooker – apparently, anyway. 

The adult discovery did its rounds years back and recently resurfaced, gaining popularity thanks to Cardi B. 

The WAP rapper, who has a two-year-old daughter called Kulture, caught a meme conveying the info nobody needed at the end of last year. 

Sharing her newfound education with Twitter, the 29-year-old wrote: “OMMMMGGGGGGGGG !!!! This the greatest knowledge ever!!!”

Really, Cardi B? Really? Plenty of MIllennials out there will disagree, with their pure childhoods spoiled by x-rated realisations like this. 

One of her followers agreed though, saying: “Got to throw some adult references in these kids movies, so us adults can have a good laugh too. I knew this the first time I saw it though. It’s obvious”. 

Another said they were onto the gag the first time around: “I was like 9 when I realized it was a hooker”. 

TikTok hasn’t helped either, with a new account sharing all sorts of rude easter eggs little kids wouldn’t clock. 

On the content-sharing site, @kathy_martinez05 has pointed out one risque moment after another, one being Shrek’s Lord Farquaad (voiced by John Lithgow) getting a little aroused by Princess Fiona.

In response to the clip, one fan asked: “Who agreed to animate that?”

While another innocently explained: “When I was younger I thought he’d spilt his drink”. Bless! 

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