University Challenge chaos as contestant gets finger stuck in buzzer

University Challenge: Contestant presses buzzer

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Monday night’s University Challenge saw the first round for teams from Edinburgh University and Peterhouse Cambridge University battle it out for a place in the second round. Jeremy Paxman was on hand to ask the all-important questions, but BBC viewers were left distracted as contestant Ben Russell Jones seemed to have a mishap by getting his finger stuck on the buzzer.


Halfway through the episode, the Edinburgh team led with 150 points as Peterhouse trailed behind with just 50 points.

Paxman asked both sets of students: “Which Swedish scientist won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903 for his work on the Electrolytic Theory of Dissociation, an equation describing the effect of temperature on the velocity of…”

Before Paxman could finish the question, team captain Rishi Sundar buzzed in and answered: “Arrhenius.”

Paxman told Sundar he was correct and awarded the team 10 points, however, the team and Paxman failed to realise their team member got himself into an unfortunate incident.

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Before Sundar buzzed in, Russell Jones was seen pressing his buzzer before throwing his arm up in the air as his fingers had gotten caught.

Viewers of the show took to social media to address the incident and asked if anyone else had realised what had happened.

One viewer wrote alongside a clip of the incident: “Russell Jones as if his fingers got stuck in the buzzer! #UniversityChallenege.”

Another added: “That made me laugh,” with a third commenting: “Incredible lol #universitychallenege.”

“Right, which joker wired Jones’ buzzer to the mains? #Universitychallenge,” a fourth said.

“Russell Jones’ buzzing is getting more and more fun to watch,” a final user commented.

Reading out the last question of the show, Paxman asked: “What word appears in both the title of a release originally scheduled for 2020….”

However, Paxman was unable to finish the question as the gong sounded to indicate that the competition had finished.

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Paxman explained: “And at the gong, Peterhouse have 80, Edinburgh have 270, well you were up against very tough opposition tonight.

“But never mind, 270 Edinburgh is a terrific score, highest score so far I think in this round of the competition.”

The contestants were pleased with the result, with captain Sundar exclaiming: “Lovely stuff,” before thanking Paxman.

He told the team: “Congratulations to you, we look forward to seeing you in round two.”

Fans on Twitter spoke about the win from the Edinburgh team, with one writing: “PHENOMENAL scores tonight, that felt like a final.”

Another added: “They absolutely smashed that other team, they should all still be proud of themselves, though.”

“A-TEAM right there! Excellent performance from the guys there #universitychalleneg.”

University Challenge airs Mondays at 8:30pm on BBC Two. 
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