Vicki Gunvalson Is Taking A Major Pay Cut With Her Demotion On 'RHOC'

Real Housewives of Orange County fans were shocked to learn that Bravo demoted Vicki Gunvalson for Season 14 of the popular reality show. The self-proclaimed OG of the OC had been an integral part of RHOC since its launch in 2006. While Gunvalson took the demotion hard, her annual salary for appearing on the series also took a major hit. How much money is Gunvalson losing after being demoted to friend status for Season 14?

Vicki Gunvalson takes a huge pay cut

When she was a full-time cast member, Gunvalson was pulling down over $1 million per season. That equates to around $60,000 per episode, making Gunvalson one of the highest-earning reality stars on Bravo’s roster. But now that she is no longer a regular cast member, Gunvalson’s salary has taken a major hit.

According to AllAbout The Real Housewives, Gunvalson is only making about $20,000 for everyepisode she appears in this season. It is unclear how many episodes willfeature Gunvalson, but the most she can make is around $420,000.

As a comparison, a newcomer on the show pulls down $5,000 anepisode. Considering how much Gunvalson is making in Season 14, Bravo was verygenerous to offer her that much to appear as a friend. There is also the factthat Vicki Gunvalson will not be in every single episode this season, so herannual earnings will be even less than expected. That said, the reality star hasbeen doing this for a long time and probably will not be hurting for money anytimesoon.  

Sources say Gunvalson is disappointed by demotion

Inside sources claim that Gunvalson was shocked to hear about herdemotion and that she is “sad and disappointed” about losing her orange. Gunvalsonhas been a part of the series since day one and expected to return in fullcapacity this season.

The RHOC star was even available for the Season 14 cast shoot and had no idea what was coming down the pipeline. After filming was over, however, producers informed her that she would only play a limited part in the drama and would be listed as a friend.

“She felt a bit offended since she has dubbed herself the‘OG of the OC,’ but she understands it is business and would love to earn afull-time orange again eventually,” a source shared.

Fans first learned of Vicki Gunvalson’s demotion in the officialtrailer for Season 14, though rumors had persisted for months. The insidernoted that Gunvalson knew about the announcement several weeks in advance andwas not surprised by the clip. The source also explained that the demotion wasnot made on a whim and producers carefully considered their options beforepulling the trigger.

Although she was disappointed by the decision, it sounds likeGunvalson is going to do her best to win her old spot back. Whether or not shesucceeds, of course, is another question.

How did the ‘RHOC’ cast react to Vicki Gunvalson’s demotion?

Most of the cast members have not commented on Bravo’s decision to demote Gunvalson in Season 14. Sources claim that Gunvalson filmed a lot of scenes with her co-stars and, despite her friend designation, will play an important role in the new season. Even still, insiders say that Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge were not happy when they heard the news. Other cast members, like Gunvalson’s main nemesis, Kelly Dodd, were thrilled to hear that Gunvalson lost her orange.

The source noted that Judge took Gunvalson’s new statusparticularly hard. Although Judge knows that Gunvalson will adjust to her newrole, she is worried about how she will handle Gunvalson’s absence movingforward.

Fortunately, the two are still really good friends outside of theshow and their relationship has not changed in light of the news. Gunvalsonalso has a good support network and a large family to lean on as she gets usedto her standing.

Gunvalson opened up about the demotion on social media after thetrailer. The RHOC star thanked fansfor their continued support and assured everyone that they will see her inSeason 14. Fans can watch Gunvalson take on her new role when Season 14 of the Real Housewives of Orange County airsAugust 6th on Bravo.

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