Victoria discovers Luke’s secret as Robert’s sentence sends Emmerdale shockwaves

Robert Sugden's trial had Emmerdale viewers in uproar – and that was before the devastating sentencing.

Victoria Barton discovered the real identity of Luke, the hospital cafeteria worker that she has developed feelings for.

She was baffled when she saw Luke enter the gallery of the court with Wendy, the mother of dead rapist Lee Posner.

Wendy revealed that Luke is actually her son, which makes him the brother of Victoria's attacker, but he seemed as baffled as everyone else.

Sceptical Victoria told Luke to stop pretending and was convinced that their meeting was far from coincidence.

She said: "What are the chances? You engineered this whole thing didn't you. All along you knew exactly what you were doing. You’re sick in the head the pair of you."

As well as dealing with a possible revenge scheme coming from her rapist's brother, Victoria had to watch her brother be senttenced.

Emotional Robert pleaded guilty to the murder of Lee, before sharing a heartbreaking glance with Aaron Dingle, seemingly knowing what was to come.

The judge said: "This was a senseless act of pure violence. Your actions were clearly not in self defence.

"You may not have intended to kill a man but you knew, and accept by your plea of guilty, that when you hit Mr Posner you intended to cause him significant harm and he died as a consequence of your action."

The judge took into account Robert's guilty plea and the mitigating factors, but confessed he only had one option.

He said: "However there is only one sentence I can give you Mr Sugden…and that is life imprisonment.

Robert lowered his head, while Aaron was left in floods of tears in the gallery.

The judge handed Robert 14 years in prison and announced he would not be considered for parole until he had served the full amount.

Robert turned to have one last look at his husband before being taken down to the cells.

Heartbroken Emmerdale fans took to Twitter after discovering Rob is going down for 14 years.

One viewer said: "NOOO can't believe Robert's seriously just been sentenced to at least 14 years inside before patrol is even considered"

"Robert got 14 years my Robron heart," added another.

A third said: "Emmerdale just won't be the same without Robert"

"That's the end of Robert. Don't think we will be seeing him back on our screen again. Can't take this in," said a fourth.

*Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm with an extra episode on Thursdays at 8pm

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