Vikings season 6 plot hole: Ubbe’s hunt in North America had a glaring historical blunder

Vikings: Amazon Prime release trailer for final season

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Ubbe (played by Jordan Patrick Smith) finally made it to the New World in the second half of Vikings’ sixth and final instalment last year. Unfortunately, some viewers spotted an embarrassing historical inaccuracy when the History Channel series was released on Amazon Prime Video to add to the growing pile of plot holes and blunders.

The Vikings’ arrival in North America during the last season of Vikings has already raised a lot of questions.

While casual history buffs will tell you Christopher Columbus discovered the continent in 1492, Icelandic explorer Leif Eriksson was actually the first European to set foot in the New World.

Unfortunately, the last season of Michael Hirst’s popular medieval drama played incredibly fast and loose with what we know of recorded history.

In the 18th episode of season six, Ubbe and Torvi (Georgia Hirst) effectively rewrite history by landing in North America and attempting to set up a new settlement.

During ‘It’s Only Magic’, their travels then come to an unexpected end when they realise missing boat builder Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) had already arrived some years before.

Not only does their discovery completely throw historical records out the window, but some fans have noticed some glaring errors with the show’s depiction of 9th Century America.

One viewer took to online message boards when they realised something wasn’t quite right with the local wildlife.

They wrote: “After coming back from a hunt, Ubbe’s group is carrying a hog. Pigs didn’t exist in North America at this time.”

After landing in the strange new land, Ubbe and his group of explorers quickly get acquainted with America’s local wildlife.

They quickly encounter their first meal in their new home, an elk, which is thankfully native to North America.

However, this fan was certainly baffled when Ubbe and his hunting troop reunited with Torvi carrying a large wild hog tied to a tree branch.

It may come to a shock to some that even wild hog and boar aren’t actually original natives of America.

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The animals were actually introduced in the 15th Century, some 600 years after the events of Vikings.

While pig-like mammals known as peccaries could be found across South, Central and some parts of North America at this time, these animals are far smaller in size than Ubbe’s prize boar.

To make matters worse, other fans have also taken issue with Ubbe and the rest of the settlers’ apparently seamless arrival at the start of the episode.

One viewer posted: “For sailors suffering from dehydration and starvation, close to death with their organs on the verge of shutting down, they sure recovered quickly once they arrived on land.”

The journey certainly took a toll on the Viking explorers, but their spirits were miraculously lifted upon setting foot on land, despite taking some time to find food and water.

With showrunner Michael Hirst taking sole credit for writing each and every episode of Vikings, most viewers have been able to forgive the occasional historical slip-up.

Sadly, Ubbe’s anachronistic arrival in North America and the subsequent goofs that followed clearly went a step too far for some of the show’s more critical fans.

Vikings seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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