We’re Here to Explain the Very-Complicated Ending of ‘Only Murders’ Season 2

The Only Murders season 2 finale is here, so we finally, finally know who actually killed Bunny Folger. It’s been a season full of Easter eggs, red herrings, and fake-outs, and the finale almost raised more questions than it answered. We’re here to help with that. Here’s the breakdown of the somewhat-confusing, action-packed final moments of season 2.

[There are spoilers ahead for the season 2 finale. If you haven’t watched yet, what are you doing here!?]

So who actually killed Bunny?

Poppy, also known as Becky Butler, actually killed Bunny because she was bitter that she wasn’t getting recognition for her ideas. Poppy was the one who told Cinda Canning about the Rose Cooper connection, but Cinda didn’t care, and Poppy was so angry about that that she took matters into her own hands to create some #content.

She partnered up with Detective Kreps, who she started dating back in her Oklahoma days, to pull it all off. The two of them had been plotting their “New York story” for a long time.

But there were multiple fake-outs…

Yeah, there were. In the final scene with everyone in the apartment at the murder reveal party, viewers were supposed to think first that Cinda Canning was the murderer. There’s a whole thing about how she would have wanted to kill Bunny to get more material for her podcast. But as we stated above, that was actually Poppy’s motive for the murder. And Cinda was in on the whole plot to expose the real killer. She knew Mabel, Charles, and Oliver were going to accuse her as a ruse to expose the real killer.

From there, Mabel pointed the finger at Cara Delevingne’s Alice and said she was the most likely killer because she’s an outsider who would have needed buzz for her gallery. This was also a ruse. But Alice took a fake knife and “stabbed” Charles, who, thankfully, is a good actor. As viewers, though, we didn’t know that any of this was fake until a few minutes later. So for a while it really did seem like Charles was dead.

Oh, and don’t forget earlier in the season the show’s writers were definitely setting up Nina Lin to look like the killer. Remember when!?

And what about that whole thing at the end?

Oh, right! The theater scene. So this basically served as one big set-up for next season. Paul Rudd (!!!!!) played Ben Glenroy, Charles’s co-star in Oliver’s Broadway directorial return. As the two of them were taking the stage for opening night, Ben fell down, seemingly dead. It seems like Charles had some dirt on Ben, because he literally said, “I know what you did,” before the curtains came up.

Looks like we’re going to have some fun in season 3!

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