When is EastEnders on this week and why is not tonight?

EastEnders will be altering their schedule timings this week, as episodes are airing different days and different times.

Many may expect EastEnders to not be airing because of another government update, but fortunately that’s not the case.

Why is EastEnders not on tonight?

EastEnders will still air it’s usual four episodes this week, but unfortunately you’ll have to wait an extra day to get your usual Tuesday fix as tonight and Thursday won’t see any Walford drama take place due to BBC One airing The FA Cup.

When is EastEnders on this week?

For the rest of the week, EastEnders will be airing on Wednesday 10 at 8:00pm, and on Friday 12, two episodes will be airing, one at 8:10pm and 8:35pm.

The EastEnders twitter account posted their schedule changes, with many fans understandably frustrated that football will be airing instead, but have also said how they are looking forward to the double bill of the soap on Friday.

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