Where will Love Island 2021 be filmed and can you stay at the villa?

LOVE Island will be hitting our screens very soon after last year's season was cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But where and how is it filmed? Here is everything you need to know about how the Islanders' antics are captured and how many cameras there are…

Where will Love Island 2021 be filmed? 

Love Island is usually filmed in a villa in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the east coast of Mallorca.

However, it has not yet been confirmed that this is where 2021’s show will take place.

But an insider told MailOnline that crew members are “scheduled to fly out to Mallorca on June 20.”

Meanwhile ITV commissioner Amanda Stavri told Radio Times: “We haven’t announced anything officially but Mallorca is very much the home of Love Island.

“I can’t confirm anything 100 per cent at this stage but it will definitely be the Love Island viewers know and love.”

According to reports, there is a back-up location in Jersey in case of Covid complications.

Is the show filmed live? 

Love Island is not live – each episode is usually shot one to two days in advance.

However the after-show, Aftersun which was previously hosted by Caroline Flack IS live.

In contrast to shows like Big Brother, this meant that when the Islanders who have been evicted from the villa appeared on Aftersun they had already a day or two to cool off and collect their thoughts.

How many cameras are in the villa? 

The show uses a total of 73 cameras to capture every kiss, mugging off and argument.

This includes cameras in the communal bedroom, by the pool, and in the kitchen area.

The whole villa is also rigged with hidden microphones so nothing the Islanders say can be missed.

Contestants can also break the fourth-wall and speak to the camera in the beach hut.

Can I stay at the villa? 

Fans of the show are able to stay in the 2019 Love Island villa.

It  is located on the Spanish Balearic Island of Majorca (Mallorca), in Sant Llorenç des Cardassar on the East of the Island.

But it will set you back roughly a whopping £3000 for a week's stay.

The luxury villa boasts a super-sized hot tub, infinity pool, outdoor kitchen and terrace.

So if you don't want to be on the show, but would like to stay at the villa, start saving now.

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