Who are the McGee's on Seeking Sister Wife?

SEASON two of Seeking Sister Wife introduced the McGee family on their search to add a new partner.

Seeking Sister Wife followed Bernie and Paige as they eventually came to the conclusion that polygamy was not going to work for them.

Who are the McGee's on Seeking Sister Wife?

Bernie and Paige McGee joined the Seeking Sister Wife cast for season two in 2018.

Unfortunately, Bernie died on June 15, 2019 at the age of 41 when he suffered a heat stroke and heart attack while riding his motorcycle in Jackson, Mississippi.

His obituary described him saying: “Bernie loved the outdoors especially camping, hiking and riding his bike,”

“He never met a stranger and loved his family and friends very much. Bernie was full of life.”

Paige has since made claims that Bernie's heart attack was caused by the stress put on the family by her brother and mother.

In March of 2019, Paige and Bernie were arrested and charged with stalking.

Paige's mother, Nicki Smith, and brother, Patrick Marble, claimed that they feared for their lives accusing the McGee's of telephone harassment.

What happened with the McGee's on season two?

The McGee's had five children when they came onto the show and were hoping to have more children.

But Paige was unable to have any more children, so the couple was hoping to find a sister wife to allow them to have more children.

The couple had been searching for a sister wife for several years and seemed to hit it off with Brandy until Paige admitted she was too jealous to continue on with the relationship.

It didn't look like polygamy was going to work out for the McGee's and wouldn't be returning for another season.

How can I watch season three of Seeking Sister Wife?

Seeking Sister Wife season 3 premieres on Monday, March 22, 2021 on TLC and Discovery Plus.

To go back and catch up on the McGee's story you can find season two of the show on TLC.com or Amazon Prime Video.

The show was originally set to air on February 28 but was pulled from the schedule last minute for unknown reasons.

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