Who is Bar Smith's mom Shen?

TEEN MOM star Ashley Jones' baby daddy Bar Smith's mother Shen sometimes makes appearances on the MTV reality show.

Smith has appeared on Teen Mom 2 with fiancée Jones, who often butts heads with his mother, Shen.

Who is Bar Smith?

Bariki Smith appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant with now fiancée Ashley Jones.

In April 2021, Jones shared the exciting news that she would be replacing Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2 for the next season.

Ashley and Bar share three-year-old daughter Holly together.

In April 2021, Ashley formally announced her spot on Teen Mom 2 by sharing a preview clip of her on-and-off-again boyfriend proposing.

Ashley may have already taken the next step with Bar despite only announcing their engagement thus far.

The MTV star previously shared a photo with her man while enjoying a boat day out on the water, as the couple cuddled close in the sun.

Fans flooded the comments with supportive remarks, and several seemed to confirm that the couple had already tied the knot.

Who is Bar's mother, Shen?

Shenandoah “Shen” Williams has appeared on the MTV programs with her son.

On her Instagram, she shared photos of Bar and Ashley, TikToks the couple makes, pictures of her grandchildren as well as updates about her garden.

She quit Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in 2018 after an explosive fight at Bar's 21st birthday party, but has since made her return.

Does Shen get along with Ashley?

Shen and Ashley have had their fair share of feuding in the past.

The MTV star's feud with Shen began when the grandmother claimed the packages she was sending to Ashley's daughter Holly, 3, were getting returned by mail in December 2020.

Shen accused Ashley and her son of purposefully rejecting the packages.

Ashley, 23, called her soon-to-be mother-in-law a deadbeat, to which Shen threatened to take legal action against her.

She said: “I thought about my granddaughter as I sent gifts to my other grandchildren and thought how f***ing sad it is you use her as a pawn to control people."

She clapped back to her fiancé's mother, saying: “You’re trash. You’re a bad grandmother and almost all the kids you have come into contact with have been to prison and you need my attention to live," alluding to Bar's brother who is in prison for murder.

In a last-ditch effort to offend Shen, Ashley shared a video mocking Bar's mother.

She impersonated: “This is the last time I’m talking about Ashley. She stole my son.

“You need to call my lawyer because I’m going to make a Live about you every single day and I’m also going to sue you. He’s my seed.

"And I sent stuff to my grandbaby and you refused because you stopped all the mail at all the mailboxes. I hate you.”

During Christmastime in 2020, Shen confirmed their attempt to repair the relationship by posting a photo to Instagram of her grandchildren smiling under the Christmas tree, captioned: "We had so much fun I’m so thankful me Ashley and bar got it together – now this is life."

Has Bar Smith been arrested?

Bar Smith was arrested and taken into custody for "willful discharge of firearm" in May 2021.

He was held at Merced County Sheriff's Main Jail, while the MTV star's bond was set at $25,000.

The Sun confirmed his arrest, while Bar was already released from jail by Monday.

Following his release, commentors were blaming his arrest on Shen's enabling.

She responded to one such comment saying, "I don’t enable it I help guide my son to be good do right provide not if he does got a bump u d*** right I’m fine tuning period u can’t convince me there is anything wrong with that.

"Just because I rock hard body don’t mean I enable it. I encourage my son to handle his sh** grow up and make sh** right own it and cherish his family. So naw wrong answer boo u r teaching bits it’s cute.” 

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