Who was Joey Essex's mum Tina and how did she die?

JOEY Essex is known for his time on The Only Way Is Essex and various other reality shows.

However, the 30-year-old went through something very tragic early in his life which still has a profound effect on him to this day.

Who was Joey Essex's mum Tina?

Joey Essex's mum Tina took her own life in 2001 after a battle with depression when Joey was 10 and his sister Frankie, 33, was 13.

The siblings shared the childhood snap of them with their mother along with a poignant message back in March 2021 on Instagram.

Joey wrote: "Another day to wish you happy birthday in heaven. My heart secretly aches everyday and I try my best to keep putting on this front to the world but I'm not scared or afraid anymore to say I'm heartbroken and I always will be. 

"I'll miss you forever. Hurts to know deep down you was sad inside and you was smiling for us always. One day I'll be with you again and then we can smile together. No more secrets for us both. I love you mum ❤️."

How did she die?

Joey's mum Tina took her own life when he was just ten years old.

The reality star says he still struggles because he never processed the death of his mother in 2001, which came after a battle with depression.

Now Essex is starring in a BBC Three documentary where he turns to therapy after realising the grief is killing his dream of starting a family and finding true love.

Breaking down in tears, he says: “My mum loved me, but she left me. I just think to myself: If she loved me that much, why would she leave me?

“Imagine if I was with someone and I had kids with them and I really did love that person and then she left me. I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m already thinking we’re gonna break up before we’re together. I’m pushing it away.

“I know I need to change things now so I’ve decided to look for help.”

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When is Joey Essex: Grief and Me released and how can I watch it?

Joey Essex: Grief and Me will air on BBC1 on June 3, 2021.

Fans are also able to catch the documentary on BBC iPlayer.

The former I'm A Celeb contestant visits clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst Dr Stephen Blumenthal.

The show follows their sessions over several weeks as Joey tries to unpick why his mother’s death holds him back so much.

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