Who was Sydney Devine and what were his famous songs?

SCOTTISH singer and entertainer Sydney Devine has died in hospital, aged 81.

The Tiny Bubbles crooner's passing was announced on Saturday, February 13, 2021 after releasing an astonishing 51 albums in his career. But who was he and how did he die?

Who was Sydney Devine?

Sydney Devine, born in February 1940, was a Scottish singer whose career began with a television appearance in 1953 at the age of thirteen.

When visiting Hawaii with Andy Stewart's band Sydney – who was affectionatly called Steak and Kidney – heard the Hawaiian singer Don Ho perform Tiny Bubbles.

The track beacme his signature hit and he sold around fifteen million albums.

His record sales were revived in December 2005 when a frothy drink making machine was advertised on television using Don Ho's version of Tiny Bubbles.

In 2007, the Evening Times newspaper referred to the crooner as "one of Scotland’s most successful performers" of all time.

The dad-of-three, who lived in Ayr with wife Shirley, has been blighted with health problems in recent years – including a double heart attack in 2019.

But just months later he returned to the stage to perform his annual gigs at Glasgow’s Pavilion Theatre for the 45th year in a row.

And his health scare didn't stop him returning to the recording studio in November last year to make his 51st album while he also had a nationwide tour planned for this summer.

The country crooner leaves behind his wife Shirley, 84, and daughter Karen and son Scot. His eldest son Gary died from sepsis in 2018.

How did Sydney Devine die?

The star, whole sold millions of records during a career spanning seven decades, had been suffering from an undisclosed chest complaint.

Sydney was admitted to the University Hospital in Ayr on January 22 with breathlessness from a lung complaint.

The Tiny Bubbles singer, who turned 81 last month, had repeatedly tested negative for Covid-19 as medics tried to get to the bottom of his condition.

Friends said he died in hospital at 3.30am on Saturday February 13, 2021.

Glasgow Pavilion boss Iain Gordon – where Sydney had performed for 45 consecutive years – today paid tribute to the star.

He wrote: “This is probably that hardest thing I have ever had to announce and put on social media, this morning at 3am our friend and star of the Pavilion and Scottish legend Sydney Devine has passed away."

He added: "Generations of families have grown up with Sydney, playing his music and passing it down through the generations.

"Over the years we have seen parents bringing their kids to see him and in turn they would bring their kids to the annual 'Sydney Devine Weekend'.

What were his most famous songs

Sydney's most famous song was Tiny Bubbles and remained an anthem.

Other songs that Devine made his own include; The Answer To Everything, Legend In My Time, Crying Time, When You & I Were Young and Maggie.

The proud Scotsman also had the track Scotland Forever composed for him by his good friend and Scottish folk singer, Tommy Scott.

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