Who’s Lorraine?’ Boris Johnson insults ITV host after ‘car crash’ GMB interview

GMB: Boris Johnson asks ‘Who is Lorraine?’ during interview

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson joined Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid on Tuesday after five years had passed since he last appeared on the show. Eager to get an array of questions in, Reid mainly touched on the Ukraine crisis, the rise in the cost of living and the ongoing partygate scandal. As the interview came to an end, Reid cut off Johnson as he was still speaking to hand over to Lorraine Kelly, however, he became confused as to who she was speaking about and insulted the TV host.

As the pair spoke about the upcoming elections and party gate, Johnson explained: “We said we would get Brexit done, and we did.

“We said we put 20,000 more police officers on the street we’ve got about 30,500.

“Now we said we get 20,000 more nurses, and in spite of all the economic difficulties, we’re on target 2000 more nurses.

“When it comes to the elections on Thursday, which you mentioned earlier on, as his perspective respecting you remind you when it comes to delivering better value for services or lower council tax for more potholes filled in and been infected more quickly.

“I have now got neighbourhood crime down since I was elected by 33 percent.”

However Reid interrupted: “It’s good to talk to you. Lorraine is waiting to take up all the issues you have brought up in this interview.”

Confused as to who she was referring to, Johnson asked: “Who is Lorraine?”

Stunned he didn’t know, Reid praised: “Who’s Lorraine, Lorraine is a legend!”

Kelly was standing by as the interview concluded and exclaimed: “Wow! Thank you, Susanna, a masterclass in political interviews, great stuff!”

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