Winterwatch leaves BBC viewers blushing as Chris Packham makes VERY cheeky dogging joke

CHRIS Packham turned the air blue on Winterwatch with a VERY cheeky joke about dogging.

The naturalist made the surprising sex gag during a segment about how foxes snare their prey with co-host Megan McCullen.

In Tuesday's episode the presenters stood in the New Forest woodland and explained they were going to wear paper animal masks to demonstrate how a fox hunts a mouse.

One Winterwatch fan swiftly Tweeted: "Now using dogging masks, what next? #Winterwatch"

Chris, 59, whipped out the masks and explained to viewers: "I've got a couple of masks here because one of us is going to have to be a fox and one of us is going to have to be a mouse.

"I'm feeling quite foxy. I've got to tell you."

Hearing mischief in his voice, Megan replied: "You're feeling foxy? Just because you said that I'm going to be the fox. Come on," and she grabbed the red mask from his hand.

"But they're so precious to me! I was given them in a car park a little while ago. I'm going to be a mouse, then. I'm just not going to squeak," Chris remarked.

He crouched down as Megan stalked him from all angles, showing how foxes use the Earth's magnetic field and razor sharp hearing to pounce.

But distracted viewers were left remembering the classic Channel 4 documentary Dogging Tales.

It aired in 2016 and delved into the secret sexual habit of people dogging while wearing masks.

Many praised Chris for his hilarious and nostalgic reference.

One Tweeted said: "Looks like a dogging scene on #WinterWatch with @ChrisGPackham running around with a animal mask on. ๐Ÿญ

Another shared: "Was that a dogging joke on #Winterwatch? …….. We love Chris!"

And one more wrote: "Was that a cheeky reference to Dogging Tales from Chris Packham?! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ "

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