Yellowstone season 4: Beths death confirmed as new force of nature arrives?

Paramount teases season 4 of drama series Yellowstone

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Yellowstone season four will air on The Paramount Network on November 7 and fans cannot wait to find out what happened to the Duttons. Beth’s (played by Kelly Reilly) fate was left hanging in the balance after she was caught up in an explosion at her office. Fans think newcomer Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver) could be introduced as the new force of nature.

Who is Caroline Warner in Yellowstone?

The new season of Yellowstone is just around the corner and fans are keen to find out what happened to Beth Dutton.

Viewers are wondering whether she was able to survive the blast at her workplace after she was targeted by anonymous assassins.

The official Yellowstone Instagram account shared a video introducing new character, Caroline Warner.

She is the CEO of the biggest investment company in the world and she has come to town to straighten things out.

In the video, she is heard saying: “I am never early and I am never late, I am the constant your time adjusts to.”

Thomas Rainwater actor Gil Birmingham said of her character: “Caroline has the resources to undermine anything that we have tried to do, so it does have us concerned.”

Actress Weaver said: “They may have met their match with Caroline,” and she is expected to be this season’s main antagonist.

John Emmet Tracy, who plays Ellis Steele in the western melodrama, added: “Caroline is a force of nature.”

Viewers have taken to the comments and they have expressed their concerns over Beth’s absence.

The Dutton daughter has a reputation for being one of the feistiest women of the series, but is that about to change?

Julie_norcal said: “Yikes!!! Another adversary!!! Hope Beth survives and will go toe-to-toe with her.”

Mj.2457 said: “Apparently Caroline has never met Beth Dutton.”

requejo62019 added: “Remember Caroline You are the trailer park and Beth is the tornado.”

Worried about Beth’s future on Yellowstone, lilly_ach exclaimed: “WHERE’S BETH?????”

She added: “That’s the only thing I care [about], I need to know she’s ok!”

Could this mean Caroline has replaced Beth as the female powerhouse of the series?

This is not the first time fans have raised concerns over Beth’s absence from the teaser videos.

Another video paid tribute to Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) and Beth, and their unbreakable bond.

The post was shared with the message: “Every day with you is a gift.”

Ohmygoshbeckie3 commented: “This clip doesn’t bode well for Beth.”

renata_m65 added: “Yep I’m thinking the same, I’ll be gutted if she dies.”

itzmrzperry commented: “Omg I’m so nervous!! If Beth dies I swear I’m gonna lose it!!”

Caroline could be introduced as the new female lead as she makes life even harder for the Duttons.

Actor Birmingham said Caroline “has a real fire in her”.

Actress Weaver told TV Insider: “She takes no prisoners, treats everyone badly – and is going to add another dimension to the huge cataclysmic drama that is the Duttons.”

Yellowstone season 4 airs on The Paramount Network on November 7.

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