You werent in cabinet Boris slaps down TalkTVs Tom in tense cost of living probe

Boris Johnson clashes with Tom Newton Dunn on cost of living

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TalkTV launched on Monday, April 25 and kicked off with a bang with Piers Morgan returning to TV screens and interviewing former American president Donald Trump. For the second day running, the new political channel had a world exclusive in the form of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who joined Tom to discuss an array of tough and difficult topics. However, when Dunn began to probe the PM over the cost of living crisis, Johnson shut down his request and pointed out that he “wasn’t in the cabinet”

After speaking about the current war between Ukraine and Russia, Dunn went on to discuss the cost of living crisis and how people are going to manage.

He began: “It is really concerning for people today, the chancellor has taken some action to help on energy bills and petrol prices.

“You did ask your cabinet this morning, though, and I am going to quote this back to you, ‘To double down, to ease pressures on household finances’.

“Prime Minister, people are suffering now, why are you casting around for ideas, why don’t you implement them?

“Has anyone got any ideas, that is what you said to cabinet this morning?”

Johnson fired back: “With great respect, Tom, you’re a very distinguished broadcaster, and you weren’t in the cabinet this morning, so you didn’t hear.

“What we are doing is making sure we are doing everything in our power to help people with the pressures on their family budgets.”

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