Farrah Abraham Calls Out Jenelle Evans After Denying Escort Allegations Involving Her Private New BF!

Just for the record, there is NOTHING untoward about Farrah Abraham‘s new boyfriend!

So she claims, at least, in a new interview with TMZ about the man. As you’ll recall, we just reported about the Teen Mom alum having met her new mystery man on OnlyFans. She then made him sign a non-disclosure agreement when they began dating to ensure that he wouldn’t go blabbing to the media about her, or use the reality TV vet for fame. Definitely a strange situation, but hey, it’s Farrah, so who knows! Ha!

Except fans weren’t content to leave it at that. According to the 16 And Pregnant alum herself in this new interview with the news outlet, commenters on Instagram have flooded her page with accusations that she is escorting and her boyfriend is a John!! They cite the fact that her OnlyFans profile was involved in linking them up and are assuming the worst, apparently.

But Farrah says that’s not true! She was adamant in the interview that her BF is not paying her in any escorting situation, but rather that their relationship is legit. Furthermore, according to her, he simply wants to be kept out of the limelight — hence his willingness to sign an NDA and keep things super-private.

Fans haven’t been buying it, though. Many are taking aim at the situation involving Farrah’s teenage daughter Sophia Abraham, and sharing their concern for her well-being. So, over on her Instagram Stories, Farrah called them out — and she slammed fellow MTV vet Jenelle Evans, too!!

Farrah and Jenelle haven’t exactly had the greatest of relationships for years now, but after fans (and reportedly Jenelle) piped up with worries about Sophia, Farrah laid the smackdown on socials. Sick of people threatening to call Child Protective Services on her for her new OnlyFans boyfriend following an unexpected island trip over the Thanksgiving holiday, momma Abraham let it all hang out with this shocking message pointed right at the critics — and Jenelle. First, she shared this on Wednesday:

“CPS is so janelleevans … haters are very confused”


Then, Abraham went on, adding more commentary about her and Sophia both being safe and sound “unlike Jenelle’s” brood. In several more IG Stories, she said in part:

“I know where my daughter is, and she is totally well and totally great, unlike Jenelle’s .”

And then, she showed Sophia eating dinner while adding:

“Maybe Jenelle should check herself, and not choose her man over her children.”

Truly going all in!! So much dramz here!! And that is some extremely cutting shade considering how serious the situation is over at Jenelle’s place right now.

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